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Jun 10 2020

Tyrannosaur and the Secret Garden #shortfilm #indiefilm #filmmaking

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Tyrannosaur and the Secret Garden was released yesterday. Feel very privileged to be part of this film and i hope you enjoy watching it too.

Big thanks to the amazing cast and crew. Special thanks of course, to Joey Lever. Such a cool score from Charlie Auzins.

Jude Forsey ActorIndiaLily Cooper , Lamissah La-ShontaeElisha-Rose RowleyVal MonkJasmine CooperPascal RubinsteinKim PiperBriony Burton , Steven Eljay

Zoe CooperCharlie ‘Tank’ HarrisEllis DawkinsJay InnesTeravis WardHolly BrownZohra BhattiRebecca ForseyKirsty HebdenAlec JacksonDafydd A. Mann.

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Mar 30 2020

Even A Stopped Clock Tells The Right Time… #orbital @orbitalband

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Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day….


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Oct 08 2019

Five years today – Mark Bell of LFO

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Five years today – Mark Bell of LFO.

Musical inspiration lives on.

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Jun 04 2019

Plaid – “Dancers” @plaidmusic #Polymer #Plaid #Dancers

“Dancers” from the new album “Polymer” is so cool, that we had to spread the love and tell the world. The video is also awesome!

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May 19 2019

Happy Birthday Paul Hartnoll @orbitalband @paulhartnoll858

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Happy Birthday Paul Hartnoll (Orbital).

I took this photo as they waited to go on stage at Manchester Apollo on December 2018. A moment of reflection with the torch specs….

@orbitalband @paulhartnoll858

#orbital #paulhartoll #manchester #manchesterapollo

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