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Apr 13 2023

ORBITAL 2023 UKI Tour setlists

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You always see people scramble to grab the setlist that is printed at the gigs. Well, help yourself to the official Set List sheets here and print your own souvenir.

Note : Look to the bottom for the venue/location and date. 2022 was written as the date on the first few LOL.

Note : they intended to play Lush in GLASGOW but ran out of time

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Apr 15 2021

ORBITALThe Box – 25 years old

“The Box” by Orbital is 25 years old today.

To celebrate, we uploaded the FULL Promo Video on the Official ORBITAL YouTube channel. It includes the pre-titles and end credits.

Directed by Jes Benstock / Luke Losey and starring Tilda Swinton

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Dec 31 2020

Loopz Podcast #4 – The Past Inside The Present

Loopz Podcast #4 – Electronic / Experimental / IDM / EDM / Dance / Techno

iTunes – search “loopz podcast” – Direct Link

Google – search “loopz” – Direct Link

Features music by OrbitalPlaidOchre, Moderat, Boards of Canada, Global Communication, Higher Intelligence Agency, Autechre, Arovane, A Guy Called Gerald, Freescha, Sunken Foal, Lorn, Royksopp, Max Cooper and Carbinax,

Artwork: Created by Christine M Hammond. A gift from my good friend, Daz. Based on a photo I took of one of many 2020 fishing days on the beautiful and quiet River Anker.

Feel free to contact me or leave comments for further information or if you need more of these podcasts. Feel free to share…

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Jun 10 2020

Tyrannosaur and the Secret Garden #shortfilm #indiefilm #filmmaking

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Tyrannosaur and the Secret Garden was released yesterday. Feel very privileged to be part of this film and i hope you enjoy watching it too.

Big thanks to the amazing cast and crew. Special thanks of course, to Joey Lever. Such a cool score from Charlie Auzins.

Jude Forsey ActorIndiaLily Cooper , Lamissah La-ShontaeElisha-Rose RowleyVal MonkJasmine CooperPascal RubinsteinKim PiperBriony Burton , Steven Eljay

Zoe CooperCharlie ‘Tank’ HarrisEllis DawkinsJay InnesTeravis WardHolly BrownZohra BhattiRebecca ForseyKirsty HebdenAlec JacksonDafydd A. Mann.

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Mar 30 2020

Even A Stopped Clock Tells The Right Time… #orbital @orbitalband

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Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day….


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