Mar 07 2011

Audio Discography (Q to Z)

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We needed a page to collect all the audio samples from the Loopz archive / discography. This is the 3rd of three pages that JUST cover the discography samples! You will see other sub-pages which will also host other Audio gems. Get a drink, get comfortable and have a listen to plenty of music…

Quality Seconds MP3

Queen Latifah – “Come Into My House (Orbital Dub Mix)” RA Stream

Remind MP3

Sad But New MP3

Sad But True MP3

Satan MP3

Satan Spawn MP3

Science Friction MP3

Semi-Detached MP3

Soft Ballet – “Belive in a Blue World (The Orbital Remix)” MP3

Spare Parts Express MP3

Speed Freak MP3

Steel Cube Idolatry MP3

Style MP3

Sunday MP3

The Box (album version) MP3

The Box Ep Part 2 MP3

The Box Ep Part 3 MP3

The Box Ep Part 4 MP3

The Drum Club – “Alchemy (Phasers on Stun)” RA Stream

The Girl With The Sun In Her Head MP3

The Moebius MP3

The Naked and the Dead MP3

The Naked and the Dub MP3

The Pied Piper or The Golden Girls – “Kinetic (Orbital Mix)” MP3

Pressure of Speech – “X-Beats (The Orbital Mix)” RA Stream

The Saint MP3

The Shamen – “Hear Me Oh My People (Orbital Mix)” MP3

The Sinner MP3

The Tranquilizer MP3

The Tranquilizer Busy Tranquilizing MP3

The Visit Part 2 (Extract) MP3

The Visit Part 15 (Extract) MP3

Times Fly (Slow) MP3

Times Fly (Fast)  – Missing at the moment

Tx:Nothing Part 11 MP3

Untitled (from the Green Album – Tape Only) MP3

Walk About MP3

Walk Now… MP3

Way Out MP3

Y.M.O – “Behind The Mask (The Orbital Remix)” MP3

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  1. Vladon 16 May 2011 at 11:05 am

    Hi Guys! Your track “Satan” is very very cool! You made the tracks better then music of “Prodigy”. It’s perfect!
    Please, create more similar tracks. Thank you.
    Good luck!

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