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Apr 14 2016

The hidden bits on The Altogether

Saw a few people asking how to enter the hidden parts on The Altogether DVD. So here is the info.

At the very start you get the screen with the bent white arrow pointing right. Click OK to proceed to the main track listing (where it gives all the songs on the album). Press left again to go back to the start screen, only this time it will be slightly different. 

You can select the Doctor? video by navigating and highlighting the question mark next to the EXIT sign (a second angle feature shows photos of all the people involved in the DVD). 

The main thing is, when you eventually highlight the question mark, instead of clicking OK, press down three or four times to access the secret track ‘Monorail’. This video has two angles, one of the monorail system in Japan, the other is some random parade in America.

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