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Dec 31 2020

Loopz Podcast #4 – The Past Inside The Present

Loopz Podcast #4 – Electronic / Experimental / IDM / EDM / Dance / Techno

iTunes – search “loopz podcast” – Direct Link

Google – search “loopz” – Direct Link

Features music by OrbitalPlaidOchre, Moderat, Boards of Canada, Global Communication, Higher Intelligence Agency, Autechre, Arovane, A Guy Called Gerald, Freescha, Sunken Foal, Lorn, Royksopp, Max Cooper and Carbinax,

Artwork: Created by Christine M Hammond. A gift from my good friend, Daz. Based on a photo I took of one of many 2020 fishing days on the beautiful and quiet River Anker.

Feel free to contact me or leave comments for further information or if you need more of these podcasts. Feel free to share…

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Jul 27 2019

Orbital Live Video – Kendal Calling Festival – 25th July 2019 @orbitalband #orbital #KendalCalling

Available on Official Facebook page but we have also archived here just in case. Not the best quality and a bit too much crowd noise but enjoy all the same 🙂

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Jun 29 2019

Jon Hopkins Live at Glastonbury 28th June 2019

For those who missed it or are struggling to get it working on another website 🙂 It is in two parts…both are below.


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Jun 29 2019

Jon Hopkins remix of Orbital “Halcyon” Live at Glastonbury 28th June 2019

Jon Hopkins played an amazing live set at Glastonbury and as part of his set, he featured his new remix of “Halcyon” by Orbital. Here it is for those who missed that bit…

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Jun 25 2019

Plaid – 23rd June 2019 Set – Warp Records – 30th Anniversary (with set-list) – @plaid

PLAID – 23rd June Set
Part of WARP 30th year anniversary
Date: 23rd June 2019
Broadcast on NTS
30th Anniversary – Warp Records


Setlist – Thanks to Plaid for sending it through.

Vehemton Jardin – Brainwaltzera
Heal – John Tejada
Do You Need Help (The MFA’s Help Help Remix) – Dextro
His-Hell (Plaid Remix) – Min-Y-Llan
Rewind Play Stop (Si Begg Remix) – Si Begg
Cauldron Zeta – Roel Funcken
Nessova – Brainwaltzera
Poubelles – Velum Break
FX Mod DAISY CHAIN 5o (Provatron’s panevropi ’98 remix) – Brainwaltzera
Questionmark 2 – EOD
Space Psycho – CN
Tether (BLN Remix) – Plaid
Dedaism – Ruby My Dear
A Noise That Made You Feel Something – Mr Projectile

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