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Feb 23 2014

February 22nd – #IOS bug – #SSL security flaw for over a year

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February 22nd – #IOS bug – #SSL security flaw for over a year

Nice write-up on the horrible SSL bug of OSX / iOS: Privacy and credentials are allegedly exposed because of this bug. That includes those “secure” website transactions people do via safari for

Further discussion from those who hack, state other parts of the IOS plus apps will be unsecured. Ie Email, twitter etc….

Basically anything lower than 7.0.6 is affected. Update ASAP.

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Feb 10 2014

February 10th – #ios game – Footy Chairman – free and different

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I have to admit to liking very old retro crappy type games. Nothing too in depth and nothing too time consuming. This may explain why I like to kill some time on Footy Chairman. It’s not about running a team as a Manager, it is about running a club as a Chairman. It’s totally free and easy to play. Give it a go….


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Jan 09 2014

January 9th – 7 years ago today…Steve Jobs unveils the first iPhone #apple #iphone

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and the rest is history….

Thanks Mr Jobs!


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Jan 02 2014

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 #Apple #Microsoft #Tech #Loopz

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5: All Things Digital


I love watching this. Most people would be either pro-Apple or pro-Microsoft but I have total respect for both and even more respect for the people behind their success and more importantly their vision. Two individuals that really have changed the lives of millions of people worldwide.


Steve Jobs and Bill Gates worked together, worked against each other and had many disagreements / fallouts, but they both respected each other till the very end. I think the following edited video shows all this and I love the stunned looks of Bill Gates towards the end. Priceless…


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