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Dec 31 2019

Loopz Podcast #3 – Beauty in the World

Loopz Podcast #3 – Electronic / Score / Experimental

ITunes – search “loopz podcast” – LINK

Spotify – search “loopz podcast” (latest podcast has this image) – LINK

Features OrbitalMira CalixPlaidChrist. , Nils Frahm, Thomas Newman and others… plus a few film samples for the fellow Geeks  🙂

Feel free to contact me or leave comments for further information or if you need more of these podcasts. Feel free to share…

Photo: taken at Perranporth in England by Loopz

Happy New Year…. 

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Jan 26 2019

Birthday gift ;) – Loopz Podcast now on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify + more #podcast

It’s my birthday, so i decided to gift you the ability to listen to some great music (imho of course!)

Now on iTunes, Google Play Music and Spotify – search “Loopz Orbital“. SUBSCRIBE and get notifications/new podcasts as they get released.

Free Podcast APPS that work well – search on “Loopz Orbital” when downloaded.

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Mar 28 2014

27th March – Thomas Newman – “Arose (Dan Ross Remix)” from American Beauty #thomasnewman #remix

Thomas Newman “Arose” is a spine chilling piece of music in it’s original form, but I like how Dan Ross has taken this somewhere else. He has still managed to keep with the original theme and not tried to just up-beat the score, like most of the remixes I hear on here.

The original track is taken from the film “American Beauty”, which is also a great.

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Mar 05 2014

March 4th – Thomas Newman needs an #oscar! what is wrong with your ears? :) #thomasnewman #oscars #oscars2014 #film

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I was meant to moan about this yesterday but i was too tired to even write anything. Ended up posting a picture instead and had an early night.

Thomas Newman has been nominated 12 times for an Oscar and has yet to win anything, despite making some of the most important film music. What is wrong with your ears?
Some of these films would never have been as well received, without his trademark sounds. Shawshank Redemption without the “Brooks was here” piece for example. That scene would have not been so memorable without his music.

It still shocks me to see another nomination without a win! sort it out Hollywood!

Oscar Nominations to date

1995 Little Women
1995 The Shawshank Redemption
1996 Unstrung Heroes
2000 American Beauty
2003 Road to Perdition
2004 Finding Nemo
2005 Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
2007 The Good German
2009 WALL-E
2009 Original Song (with Peter Gabriel) for “Down to Earth”
2013 Skyfall
2014 Saving Mr. Banks

Below is a great compilation of Thomas Newman music from various films. Just a small section of his great work. Enjoy

01 : Road To Chicago
02 : Brooks was Here
03 : Just The Feller
04 : Foolishment
05 : Walkaway
06 : The Farm
07 : A Frequent Thing
08 : White Oleander
09 : Road to Perdition
10 : Prophet Birds
11 : Sleepover
12 : Angela Undresses
13 : Ghosts
14 : Coffey on the Mile
15 : Plastic Bag Theme
16 : There was Snow

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Jan 13 2014

January 12th – The Help film #thomasnewman #score

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I never watch a trailer for a film before watching any film. Why? I just think they can actually give too much away but also, in the case of The Help, they can paint the wrong expectation of a film.

The Help is amusing at times but the messages it gives is far from amusing. Add the ever deep melancholic sounds of Thomas Newman and we have the picture painted. Was it really like this? I am ashamed to be human, if this is what our behaviour was or is all about.

Go watch the film and instead of the amusing trailer, please take a listen to the wonderful Thomas Newman instead…

The Help Score – Track 13 – First White Baby by Thomas Newman

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