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Feb 12 2014

February 12th – windy as…and a Tornado watch finishes #ukstorm #ukweather

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A day of extreme weather and windy as…


Torro even issued a Tornado watch but at a fairly low risk. With all the rain and general poor visibility, I don’t think we would know about it anyway 🙂

The rubbish weather is not over yet but the Tornado watch is. Maybe next time.


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Feb 06 2014

February 6th – biggest recorded wave in UK and worse to come #ukweather #storm

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90 mph winds and the largest wave ever seen in British waters was recorded at 3.30am yesterday by a buoy operated by the Channel Coastal Observatory off Penzance, Cornwall.

It will get worse (said this yesterday)


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Feb 05 2014

February 5th – Wind Forecast Birmingham #ukweather #wind

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I am hearing people moaning about the wind. It’s not that bad…yet 😉


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Feb 04 2014

February 4th – Andy Gabrielson / @reedtimmerTVN intercept … #TVN

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It has been 2 years since the untimely death of professional storm chaser Andy Gabrielson.

Reed Timmer posted one of his memories with Andy.

The time they intercepted a …. Dust Devil. Lol.

You Tube Video

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Jan 23 2014

January 23rd – won’t be long now? #ukweather

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Nearly at the end of Jan and we (speaking on behalf of the brummies in the middle of England) have yet to see the dreaded white stuff.

I will be happy to look at this pic , so please keep away thanks 😉


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