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Aug 18 2011

Orbital interview with Steve Lamacq (6Music)

For those who missed the Orbital interview on Steve Lamacq. Here it is.

Paul and Phil discuss the making of their first album, the Green album.

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Aug 13 2011

Making of Child Line Ad “How you Feelin” featuring Paul Hartnoll of Orbital

Making of Child Line Ad “How you Feelin” featuring Paul Hartnoll of Orbital. Paul explains the process of sampling loads of children’s voice/noises and changing these sounds into music sounds.

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Aug 13 2011

VW Gold Ad – Music by Paul Hartnoll

VW Golf Ad with music by Paul Hartnoll of Orbital. Paul used samples from actors and the car itself to create the tune. Filmed and recorded in South Africa


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Aug 13 2011

Childline Ad – feat Paul Hartnoll sounds

Great Ad for a great cause. Paul Hartnoll of Orbital chopped up samples of children speaking to create this musical feature. – Child Line website

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Aug 10 2011

BBC 6 MUSIC celebrates ORBITAL’s debut album – The Green Album

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‘This August BBC 6Music celebrates a selection of Classic albums every Tuesday across the month. On Tuesday 16th August they will celebrate Orbital’s debut album ‘Orbital’ (Also known as the Green album).

 Over the course of the day 6Music will play out the album in its entirety – you can then hear Phil and Paul in conversation with Steve Lamacq from 4pm as they discuss their memories of making this seminal album. Find out more at

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