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Mar 31 2012

ORBITAL – “Wonky” (Video Edit) – Official video

ORBITAL – “Wonky” (Video Edit) – Official video.
Featuring vocals by Lady Leshurr

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Mar 30 2012

Wonky – RecordStore – 7 Inch details – April 21st 2012

7’ wonky record is an exclusive for recordstore day and will be limited to 1000 copies only. There are 2 remixes on the 7 inch, one remixed by Orbital themselves and the other by Flood.

Orbital – remixed by Flood – Wonky (Represented by The Dark Lord of Pop)
Orbital – Orbital remix – Wonky (Pusher Remix)

To buy this, you will need to visit a participating record store selling various limited edition vinyl on Record Store Day (April 21st 2012). For a full list of who is involved, please visit this website

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Mar 24 2012

24 Minutes : IT Skammer vs IT department. The day he tried to phone skam an IT expert… (feat music from Orbital)


24 Minutes” – Please distribute to friends – don’t get caught out by this skam!


This is a very common IT phone Skam but unfortunately the phone skammer didn’t realise he was calling an IT department. We decided to play the “game” of a non-IT user before exposing him as a Skam. There is some information on the Skam itself at the end of the film.


Note: These skammers will invest a lot of time just to get what they want. Even with all the obvious jokes and blatant insults they still carried on trying. The phone call was a total of 24 minutes but we only started recording part way through. We had already had a conversation about a firewall, in which we related it to the wall outside the house. This person thought he was dealing with a complete thicko by this time.


p.s. There is a little bit of ORBITAL at the beginning and at the end of the film, from the forthcoming album WONKY

p.p.s. Yes that is Loopz doing the talking 😉

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Mar 15 2012

Orbital – New France (feat. Zola Jesus) Official Video

Orbital – New France (feat. Zola Jesus) Official Video

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Mar 15 2012

Now Playing ORBITAL @ BBC 6Music



After Orbital have finished playing live for Lauren Laverne’s show at Maida Vale, they’ll be joining Now Playing @6Music on Friday 16th March evening, to choose the show playlist via Twitter.

If you’ve heard the Hartnoll Brothers’ 6 Mix shows you’ll know they have eclectic taste, but this time you can help influence what they play. From 7.30pm on Friday they’ll be playing some of their all time favourites and current tunes- but they want you to suggest tracks to add in real time using the hashtag #Orbital6Music. For more details please visit the 6Music blog page setup for this event.

Remember to Tweet using #Orbital6Music from 7pm and listen live via the 6MUSIC website.

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