Mar 07 2011

Tx: Nothing – Broadcast – 29th July 1999 – BBC2

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TX : Nothing is a 45 minute film by Nick Waplington which was broadcast on BBC2 on Thurdsday 29th July 1999. Orbital’s music accompanied the film that was described by its makers as an “existential exploration of the journey, a modern take on the road trip”. Orbital’s music was based around sounds-effects as opposed to their normal song/track structures. One section incorporated the track “I think its Disgusting” (UK Green album) but with additional effects and beats.

On this page there is a good quality MP3 of the selected track (part 11) and the WHOLE of the 45 Minute audio from the short film in Real Audio.

We now have the full video hosted on our LOOPZOFFICIAL youtube channel but in 3 parts. Here are the parts 1, 2 and 3 posted on our blog.


Download – Tx: Nothing (Full) (38m 21s) – Real Audio Download

Download Mp3 of Tx: Nothing Part 11 (1m 45s) – MP3

There are two MPGs that you can download on the TX:Nothing video page

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