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Feb 28 2014

February 28th -Friday tune – Future Sound of London -“Papua New Guinea”

Old classic from Dougans and Cobain

You Tube Video

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Feb 27 2014

February 27th – 20 years today – #avfc Aston Villa vs Tranmere – semi-final footage

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What a great game and I was there to witness the disastrous 1st leg but also the amazing 2nd leg

Main Game – Highlights – Video

Penalties – Video

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Feb 27 2014

February 26th – 12 years a slave – great film, good score but hard to watch. #oscar #zimmer

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I struggled to stop my anger whilst watching “12 Years a Slave”. Hard to enjoy a film which showed how low, the so called human being can go. Let’s not kid ourselves here, this crap still goes on when clearly it shouldn’t.

Great performances all round and it’s also important to acknowledge another minimal but typical re-occurring score from Hans Zimmer. Reminded me of the feel he gave to “Inception”.

Enough waffle, go see this film.


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Feb 26 2014

February 25th – amusing Tornado footage from Dudley, UK in 2007 #ukstorm #tornado

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About 4 miles from where I live, but I don’t talk like this 🙂 . I was looking for another video to put on here but came across this again. Not watched it in years but it made me smile.

Contains bad language but worth a listen just to hear the excitement from one lad and the “chill out…” from another.

You Tube Footage

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Feb 25 2014

February 24th – #RIP Harold Ramis #ghostbusters #stripes

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Watch tribute

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