Mar 29 2011

Loopz Remix Competition 2001

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The 2001 Remix Competition was run in the year 2001 but didnt close until the very end of the year. 87 enteries created a nightmare for the Qualifying round judges. The idea was to have 10 finalist but it was decided to have 13 in the end! The rules for the competition were as follows:-


Only one entry per person
No Megamix (The remix should be of one track only)
No Dj mixes
The remixer is responsible for creating their own samples and no samples will be issued to anyone


Remix Number 1
Orbital Track : Steel Cube Idolatry
Remixer : The Gravity Test (Paul Barrett / Spoonbender)
Remix Name : Steel Cube Loop Theory


Remix Number 2
Orbital Track : Last Thing
Remixer : Technoir
Remix Name : Last Minute Remix


 Remix Number 3
Orbital Track : Lush
Remixer : MMT8
Remix Name : MMT8 Remix


Remix Number 4
Orbital Track : Impact
Remixer : Dreamchild
Remix Name : Dreamchild’s Mix


Remix Number 5
Orbital Track : Adnans
Remixer : Sub-Rok (aka Tristian Markey)
Remix Name : Sub-Roks Out-Sides Remix


Remix Number 6
Orbital Track : Satan
Remixer : Chris Bentley
Remix Name : Satan Hellfire Mix


Remix Number 7
Orbital Track : Kein Twin Wasser
Remixer : dis
Remix Name : dis mix


Remix Number 8
Orbital Track : Doctor Lookout
Remixer : Offshore (Jeremy Carter and Chris Morgan)
Remix Name : Offshore Big Drums Mix


Remix Number 9
Orbital Track : Shadows
Remixer : Gui
Remix Name : Delayed Shadows


Remix Number 10
Orbital Track : Satan
Remixer : Cubaseuser(Andreas Fichtner)
Remix Name : Satan (Echoed down to Earth RMX)


Remix Number 11
Orbital Track : Attached
Remixer : Dane Jacobs
Remix Name : Reattached


Remix Number 12
Orbital Track : Forever
Remixer : Craig Deacon
Remix Name : Forever (blowing bubbles remix)


Remix Number 13
Orbital Track : Are We Here?
Remixer : hello6am
Remix Name : Seldon Angry, Oft Sleepy


Enjoy the music and remember to leave some feedback on what you liked the best and why…

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  1. James Sumnerson 16 Jun 2011 at 10:46 pm

    I found the remix my buddy and I did (under the name “Stalin Out”) this afternoon. Listening to it now, I know why we didn’t place. Wow.

  2. slinkyon 24 Aug 2011 at 9:09 pm

    some good stuff here!

    it’s a shame that these mp3s are only 128 kbps though.

  3. Tobiason 20 Aug 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Thanks for sharing this great tracks … and thanks for your music over the years … the box video is one of my favorites since years ;O) … hello from hof and have a good time ..tobias

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