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May 12 2019

Plaid – “Maru (Orbital Remix) (Loopz Edit)”

Plaid – “Maru (Orbital Remix) (Loopz Edit)”

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Mar 04 2019

RIP Keith Flint – The Energy of The Prodigy! #keithflint

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I took this photo at the Wolverhampton Civic in December 2017

Anyone who experienced The Prodigy live will know the energy just oozes from Keith Flint. He will be missed 💙

RIP Keith Flint (The Prodigy).

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Feb 25 2019

RIP : Mark Hollis #talktalk #markhollis

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“Don’t look back until you try”

“a line so openly a lie”

RIP : Mark Hollis

Talk Talk and especially Mark Hollis vocals / lyrics were a big part of my upbringing. “The Spirit of Eden”, “Colour of Spring” and “Laughing Stock” – all timeless albums. 💙

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Feb 02 2019

The Altogether DVD – guide

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The Altogether – DVD Guide

Recently seeing lots of questions around The Altogether DVD and how you access the tracks. Here is the list…

Thanks to for compiling this.

<- to arrow/exit screen, <- to highlight “?” by exit, and then ENTER. Video is multi angle, angle 1 being wibbles, angle 2 being a bunch of pictures of people who worked on the DVD.

<- to arrow/exit screen, <- to highlight “?” by exit, and then press down three times, two angles. Video is fabulous and features otters and lots of people waving. Hello!

Pay Per View
-> from main menu to Pay Per View, offers original, original natural and footage of the commercials in the video. Not at all secret really.

The Brian Cant Classic
-> from main menu to Pay Per View, -> again to Can’t/Won’t screen.

Up (Can’t)Arched Window – Version of Tootled with sound up on Play Factory presenters. Includes Brian’s “Woman from Bewd” limerick. Presenters say goodbye, then Bria Cant’s marvellous song and dance routine! “How high does a fly fly?”, indeed.
Round Window – Alternate cut with Play Factory studio audio, including sound on the Play Factory song (“A zig-zag roof and a big chimney/What’s inside the Play Factory?”), followed by the CD Factory footage with Brian’s commentary.
Square Window – Another bunch of out-takes from the Play Factory video including presenter explaining why teddy’s wearing a mask (“They’re recreating the Blitz, thousands of people were killed”), followed by audition footage as per Won’t/Square.
Down (Won’t)
Arched Window – Play Factory presenters say bye, they Brian Cant does his song as per end of Can’t/Arched Window.
Round Window – Brian Cant’s very technical commentary on the CD factory (where they make round things).
Square Window – a bunch of audition footage for Play Factory video.

-> from main menu to Pay Per View, -> again to Can’t/Won’t screen, -> again to get to Shadows menu. “Naked Eye Fly” gives three angles on video through graveyard etc. “Time Flys” is a trippier version of the same, again with three angles.

Tension (Live)
-> from main menu to Pay Per View, -> again to Can’t/Won’t screen, -> again to get to Shadows menu, -> again to get to Tension Live menu, hit enter. Angle 1 is the video as usual, angle 2 is live footage of them playing. Corkin!

Meltdown (Live) (audio)
<- to arrow/exit screen, <- to highlight “?” by exit, and then press <- to Meltdown screen, hit enter to start play.

Funny Peculiar
Highlight Funny Break (One is enough) on main track list page and press -> to bring up “Funny Peculiar”, hit enter to start play. Angle 2 on this track is the making of the video for Funny Break.

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Jan 05 2019

Podcast #1 – Reflective Indifferent Patterns

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Loopz Podcast 1 – Reflective Indifferent Patterns

First Podcast. The aim is to upload old Loopz Net Radio broadcasts which featured electronic artists, who submitted their live and dj sets.

This is one of the special podcasts and features a collection of tracks brought together just before Xmas 2018. The mix is called “Reflective Indifferent Patterns“.

Please remember to subscribe 🙂

If you have any feedback or questions or just to say you listen then please leave a comment on or send me an email at Follow me on Twitter –steveloopzprice

iTunes link – Loopz Podcast (Orbital Zine / LoopzOrbital.Com)

About the Podcast
Where do i begin ? So much to share from the world of Orbital and Loopz. and hosted Loopz Net Radio, which featured live and dj sets from electronic artists around the world. This podcast will dust off the old broadcasts and bring them online. Other special podcasts will also feature periodically.

If you listen in or want to send feedback or ask questions, then please send me an email at

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