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Mar 28 2014

27th March – Thomas Newman – “Arose (Dan Ross Remix)” from American Beauty #thomasnewman #remix

Thomas Newman “Arose” is a spine chilling piece of music in it’s original form, but I like how Dan Ross has taken this somewhere else. He has still managed to keep with the original theme and not tried to just up-beat the score, like most of the remixes I hear on here.

The original track is taken from the film “American Beauty”, which is also a great.

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Feb 27 2014

February 26th – 12 years a slave – great film, good score but hard to watch. #oscar #zimmer

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I struggled to stop my anger whilst watching “12 Years a Slave”. Hard to enjoy a film which showed how low, the so called human being can go. Let’s not kid ourselves here, this crap still goes on when clearly it shouldn’t.

Great performances all round and it’s also important to acknowledge another minimal but typical re-occurring score from Hans Zimmer. Reminded me of the feel he gave to “Inception”.

Enough waffle, go see this film.


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Feb 24 2014

February 23rd – Captain Phillips (2013) – surprising gem for me #oscar

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Just finished watching “Captain Phillips”, a film which initially i had no interest in. Then I heard Thomas Newman scored the film but that ended up being incorrect. Thought I would watch it anyway.

What a cracking film and two noticeable performances. Tom Hanks delivers his character really we’ll, especially during his last scene but I think Barkhad Adbi deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of the captain pirate, Muse.

Really surprised…go see it


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