Dec 22 2011

ORBITAL on 6 Mix Show – Xmas Day and New Years Eve – First play of 2 Album tracks…

Orbital return to the BBC 6 music on Christmas Day at 8pm with a brand new 6 Mix Show.


Phil and Paul will be playing some of their favourite music from 2011, some old skool electronic classics and two exclusive tracks from the forthcoming new 8th Orbital album. The tracks “Straight Sun” and the “Dj Version” of “Wonky” will be played as part of Phil’s set. I’m guessing the DJ Version is the instrumental and original version of “Wonky” but time will tell. One of my favourite tracks from the new album – it’s totally bonkers.


Link to 6 MIX Page is here

There will also be an extended 3 hour version of the show running from 10pm on New Years Eve, featuring an extra hour party long mix from Paul and Phil to see in 2012.  Below are the first 2 setlists and we will be posting the extended show setlist hopefully over the next day or two. (It’s now online…see below – STEVE)


Paul’s Dickensian Christmas Mix

John Baker — Christmas Commercial
Joanna Newsom — Go Long
Emily Portman — Stick, Stock
Kate Bush — Wild Man
Björk — Virus
Plaid — Founded
The Knife — The Height of Summer Haunted Houses — Haunted House
Zola Jesus — Night
Meat Beat Manifesto — Please
PJ Harvey — Down By The Water
Severed Heads — Dead Eyes Opened
Ellen Allien — Ever


Phil’s Assorted Biscuit Tin

The Stranglers — Strange Little Girl
Air — Sexy Boy
Cypress Hill — Throw Your Set Up In The Air
The Dandy Warhols — Plan A
New Order — Crystal
Gorillaz — Dare (Soulwax remix)
Lady Leshurr — La La La
Orbital — Don’t Stop Me
Depeche Mode — Peace
Deadmau5 — Hi Friend
Orbital — Straight Sun
Orbital — Wonky (Paul & Phil’s DJ Version)
Orbital — Never



My Bloody Valentine — When You Sleep
The Revels – Intoxica
Planet Gong — Floating Anarchy
Freeez — I.O.U (12” mix)
MK — Burning. Iggy Pop — I’m Bored
The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers — Green Jeans
Equalizers — Every City. Metronomy — The Look (Fred Falke remix)
Flore – Feel Me (Poe de Pitte remix)
Plump DJs — Light Fantastic
Felguk — All Night Long (Darth & Vader mix)
[unknown] — Can’t Stop (Original mix)
A Guy Called Gerald — Voodoo Ray (Bootleg)
Wolfgang Gartner — Spacejunk (Original mix)

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