May 22 2009

Paul Hartnoll – Tormented Film Score

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Paul has finished the score to the film “Tormented“. Below is a few words from the man himself plus the link to the trailer.

I wrote the score to the film, Tormented which is out on May 22nd. It’s a comedy horror kind of film and the score is totally electronic with guest vocals from Lianne Hall. The score takes it’s influence from the Malcolm Clark era radiophonic workshop (basically first analogue synth era), also the score to Children of the Stones (Look it up on YouTube) and the score to the Legend of Hell House (Delia Darbyshire and Brian Hodgson). Look that up on YouTube as it has a big smatering of good old fashioned break beat dance music. I also played holywood style drums recorded with one mike in a log cabin, so it’s not entirely electronic.

Completely low budget with a short lead time but i think it is all the better for it, both the film and score. No release dates for the score as yet.”.

Paul has kindly passed me some samples from the score. Below are 5 pieces for your listening pleasure. My personal favourite is 3m3 which has lots of Plaid-like elements!


1m1 mp3
1m2 mp3
1m4 mp3
1m11 mp3
3m3 mp3
5m3/5m4 mp3



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