May 26 2018

#Orbital – “The End is Nigh” (Live from Belfast -25th May 2018) – Video #BiggestWeekend

From the new album, “Monsters Exist”, #Orbital – The End is Nigh (Live from Belfast -25th May 2018)

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May 25 2018

#ORBITAL live at Belfast – 25th May 2018 – Set List #BBC6Music @BBC6Music @BBCFOUR #BiggestWeekend

The set list from Belfast was as follows:-

Tiny Foldable Cities
The End is Nigh
Where is it Going?
Doctor Who?

Smooth set apart from some technical gremlins after Wonky 🙂

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May 25 2018

#Orbital – Live from Belfast on #BBCFour (video) & #BBC6Music (audio) tonight. @BBC6Music / @BBCFOUR #BiggestWeekend

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Listen live on @BBC6Music here:

Watch live on @BBCFOUR here:

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May 24 2018

#Orbital – Brown Album (24th May 1993) – #3 – #inspirational albums – 25 years anniversary @orbitalband

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Orbital – Brown Album



Just after the Brown album was released, i had my very first experience of live Orbital in my home city of Birmingham. Not only was the album “life changing” but that live gig was my first connection with the Hartnoll brothers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Played in its entirety, it’s a journey of dance tunes and melodies, but has the typical Orbital trademarks and complexities that remain my musical attraction to them.  There is also a mass of samples that us trainspotters always get excited about. Or maybe that is just me……  🙂

It is my 2nd favourite album by Orbital but so inspirational, that i need to put it on the list. If you have not listened to this before….then why not? 🙂

As this post is generated on such an important anniversary, i thought i would give you a little more listening/videoing experience.


“There is a theory of the moebius….”

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May 23 2018

Boards of Canada – “Music Has the Right to Children” (1998) – #2 – #Inspirational albums in no order

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Boards of Canada – “Music Has the Right to Children”


What a journey ! This album was massive for me and probably the most complete selection of tunes from the Scottish duo.

Fortunate enough to have seen them live twice and a large chunk of this album was played. I can express the goosebumps felt those night. Some of their amazing live unreleased material remains as bootlegs.

Recommended tracks but personally I would play this the whole album in one sitting 😉

“An Eagle in Your Mind”, “Sixtyten”, “Turqoise Hexagon Sun”, “Roygbiv”, “Aquarius”, “Pete Standing Alone” and the amazing “Happy Cycling” (seagulls samples!!!)



…”I love you”

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