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Jul 01 2017

Orbital on Channel 4 News – video link

Orbital were on Channel 4 News tonight. They talk about reforming after 5 years, their history of rave and past memories. oh and the Gallagher brothers…

I have just uploaded a copy onto the Orbital youtube channel.

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May 29 2017

The Visit – 21st June 1998 – Music by #Orbital (@orbitalband)

The Visit – Music by Orbital
Broadcast on 21st June 1998
All music remains unreleased
Orbital did hand out 24 music segments to a few people. Some were used in the production and some were not.

For the first time, here is the full TV broadcast for those who have not seen or heard it. Enjoy


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Mar 12 2017

D.S.Building Contractors (Paul Hartnoll) – “I haven’t got a brain” @orbitalband @paulhartnoll858 #ORBITAL

D.S.Building Contractors (Paul Hartnoll) – “I haven’t got a brain”

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Jan 27 2017

No Brainer – Donald Trump

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Mar 06 2014

March 5th – @RichardBranson on Mike Oldfield 40th Anniversary of Tubular Bells. @virgin

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Another great video which I didn’t get around to posting the other day. Due to a technical glitch (*ahem*), this is being posted today instead of yesterday.

Anyone that knows me will understand how influential Richard Branson is to me.

He recently posted a video, on how Mike Oldfield became the first artist on the Virgin label and whether, without Tubular Bells, would Virgin Galactic be taking people up into space this year?

It’s a really interesting video and the equally great man John Peel, is also mentioned.

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