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Feb 17 2014

February 16th – Video of waterspout landfall from 2011 – #waterspout #storm

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This water spout formed over the waters off of Carolina Beach, North Carolina on August 18th, 2011. The person filming was literally 50 yards away but as you can see, some were a lot closer.

At 5:30, the waterspout is about to come ashore…then you see how small but powerful these things can be. It’s a great bit of footage.

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Feb 12 2014

February 12th – windy as…and a Tornado watch finishes #ukstorm #ukweather

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A day of extreme weather and windy as…


Torro even issued a Tornado watch but at a fairly low risk. With all the rain and general poor visibility, I don’t think we would know about it anyway 🙂

The rubbish weather is not over yet but the Tornado watch is. Maybe next time.


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Feb 04 2014

February 4th – Andy Gabrielson / @reedtimmerTVN intercept … #TVN

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It has been 2 years since the untimely death of professional storm chaser Andy Gabrielson.

Reed Timmer posted one of his memories with Andy.

The time they intercepted a …. Dust Devil. Lol.

You Tube Video

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Jan 06 2014

January 6th – “Next Time” – Tornado Chasers #tvn #tornadochasers @reedtimmerTVN @seanschoferTVN @Ginger_Zee

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A longer daily post today and for once, not submitted via mobile.


El Reno - May 31st 2013

El Reno – May 31st 2013

As soon as Tornado Chasers S02E10 ends, the words NEXT TIME are shown and then the video that we are all knew was coming is shown. It must be the start and birth of the El Reno tornado from May 31st 2013.


I am sure I am not the only person that fears the content but also wants to see how the dreadful day is played out. It was a shocking day to read the news of the passing of Tim Samaras, his son Paul Samaras and their long term chase partner Carl Young, as it filtered through the social media community . I remember checking Tim’s last tweet and on the same day he said “Storms now initiating south of Watonga along triple point. Dangerous day ahead for OK–stay weather savvy!“. Then slowly as the news spread further, chasers spent the next few days forming their initials in North Dakota, South Dakota and Nekraska using GPS transponders. This was Tim Samaras who I watched for years on Storm Chasers and he was always the careful cautious one. I think this is why the news was even more unbelievable.



The Twistex team were not the only team caught up in the widest tornado in recorded history. Below is an amazing video of the chase and escape of Brandon Sullivan and Brett Wright, who were very lucky.

Such a shocking day.


For those new to Tornado Chasers, please visit the TVN website and watch their shows. It is well worth the money and I am pleased to say I backed them from day one via Kickstart. They are a great team who are committed to the science of tornado’s and to enable a safer community, by providing earlier and more effective warnings. Links are below:-

TVN Weather –




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