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May 12 2019

Plaid – “Maru (Orbital Remix) (Loopz Edit)”

Plaid – “Maru (Orbital Remix) (Loopz Edit)”

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May 26 2018

#Orbital – “The End is Nigh” (Live from Belfast -25th May 2018) – Video #BiggestWeekend

From the new album, “Monsters Exist”, #Orbital – The End is Nigh (Live from Belfast -25th May 2018)

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May 29 2017

The Visit – 21st June 1998 – Music by #Orbital (@orbitalband)

The Visit – Music by Orbital
Broadcast on 21st June 1998
All music remains unreleased
Orbital did hand out 24 music segments to a few people. Some were used in the production and some were not.

For the first time, here is the full TV broadcast for those who have not seen or heard it. Enjoy


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May 07 2017

Orbital – “Cooping Lisa” (working title) (Live) @ Spain – 6th May 2017. New Track!

Orbital aired their first new track since reforming.

Cooping Lisa” (working title) was played live at WAM in Spain on 6th May 2017Β and features vocals by Lisa Knapp

Note : Set Spoiler is part of visual so be warned.

Good to have them back πŸ™‚

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Mar 13 2017

@orbitalband @paulhartnoll858 – Chime (Live) – 6Music Live – 3rd march 2017

Lauren Laverne Show – Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) – Chime Live in the 6 Music Live Room – 3rd March 2017

Part of 1994 day

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