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Apr 05 2014

5th April – @orbitalband (#orbital) – Orbital Live Gigs Loopz Project updated plus read the comments

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We had a lot of contributions over the last week and Matt kindly updated the list to make it more standardise, plus contributed a lot of dates (thanks mate). A few more arrived shortly after and we now have the latest update online.

Please visit this page to see that latest and remember to contribute further if you can see gaps or bits that need detail. There is a load of comments at the bottom, where memories are flooding back. Worth a read as well. Thanks again all.

Orbital Live Gigs Loopz Project

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Jan 28 2014

January 28th – Happy Birthday Punky #longrange #orbital @philhartnoll


Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter whose nickname is Punky. When she was as little as 2, she inspired me to pen out an electronic track, which was given the same name. Longrange then help rework this into the track below. She still feels a little embarrassed about this, but I hope she understands how important she was and still is in my life 🙂

Loopz vs LongRange – “Punky”

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Jan 26 2014

January 26th – My Birthday gift for anyone who likes @orbitalband #orbital #blog

It is my Birthday! hurrah ! etc…

I normally put something online Orbital related every year or announce something. The one year, on my Birthday, I announced the Orbital reformation and first gig announcement. Alas I have nothing as big as that but I do have 8 live tracks from 2012 in Germany. Enjoy.

Orbital live in Germany (Berlin Festival)

1. Halcyon

2. Straight Sun

3. Beelzedub

4. Never / Belfast

5. Impact / Chime

6. Where is it Going ?

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Jan 25 2014

January 25th – Loopz – Day Before – 10 years today #loopz #electronic

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So it’s the day before my birthday but in 2004, I wasn’t sitting here waiting for the football and writing up a quick blog entry. Instead I wrote the main guts of my, at that time, 2nd track.

As those who know me would say, my music is a little strange and back then I was experimenting with technology to try and sound different. This is one of those tracks. I finished around a month later and it appeared in a zine, a Brummie complication album and a few demo CD’s I gave to various people. There was a short sample online as well but until recently I kept it back because I never was 100 percent happy and other stuff.

So day before my Birthday in 2014, I decided to PR a track I completed 10 years ago.

here is the tag I wrote when I first uploaded this over a year ago – “It was the day before my birthday but maybe something else…”. Enjoy…if you can.

Visit my Bandcamp site ( to explore the other tracks and some detail around them or read up on one of the demo CD’s by going to

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May 05 2012


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Got no more time to mess with it as away for weekend. More a rework as I wanted to keep faith in original concept but from the title you can see things went off. V tongue in cheek and it needs some bass friendly speakers.

P.s. I like the name the best 😉


hope it makes you smile at least. cheers Steve (Loopz)

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