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Apr 11 2014

11th April – Phil Hartnoll DJ (@philhartnoll) in Bham (12th April) @orbitalband

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For those that haven’t heard…

Mr Phil Hartnoll, 50% of Orbital, will be DJing at the Hare and Hounds in Birmingham, on Saturday 12th April.

Full details can be found on the website below:-

(See you there!)

Hare and Hounds

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Apr 05 2014

5th April – @orbitalband (#orbital) – Orbital Live Gigs Loopz Project updated plus read the comments

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We had a lot of contributions over the last week and Matt kindly updated the list to make it more standardise, plus contributed a lot of dates (thanks mate). A few more arrived shortly after and we now have the latest update online.

Please visit this page to see that latest and remember to contribute further if you can see gaps or bits that need detail. There is a load of comments at the bottom, where memories are flooding back. Worth a read as well. Thanks again all.

Orbital Live Gigs Loopz Project

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Mar 26 2014

26th March – #Orbital Live Gigs Loopz Project updated – @orbitalband.

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Thanks to all the contributions so far. Still asking for everyone to brain dump Orbital gigs from the past and then at some point i will tidy up the page.

Please visit Orbital Live Gigs Loopz Project

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Mar 13 2014

March 12th – my first Orbital gig @orbitalband #orbital

And what a night this was but what a mess I was 🙂 lol. I am sure that without this night, my life would have been very different. Thanks Oscillate and thanks Mr Bobby Bird (HIA).


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Mar 12 2014

March 11th – what have I started? 270 gigs listed in 24 hrs #orbital @orbitalband

Great start to the Orbital Live Gigs Loopz project. Contributions and backing a from the Orbital community. Fantastic!

The traffic was that intense at one point, that the Loopz website grinders to a halt!

Will continue with further updates in the week and will also start tidying the fonts etc when updates slow down.

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