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Apr 11 2014

11th April – Phil Hartnoll DJ (@philhartnoll) in Bham (12th April) @orbitalband

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For those that haven’t heard…

Mr Phil Hartnoll, 50% of Orbital, will be DJing at the Hare and Hounds in Birmingham, on Saturday 12th April.

Full details can be found on the website below:-

(See you there!)

Hare and Hounds

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Apr 05 2014

5th April – @orbitalband (#orbital) – Orbital Live Gigs Loopz Project updated plus read the comments

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We had a lot of contributions over the last week and Matt kindly updated the list to make it more standardise, plus contributed a lot of dates (thanks mate). A few more arrived shortly after and we now have the latest update online.

Please visit this page to see that latest and remember to contribute further if you can see gaps or bits that need detail. There is a load of comments at the bottom, where memories are flooding back. Worth a read as well. Thanks again all.

Orbital Live Gigs Loopz Project

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Apr 05 2014

5th April – 20 years today – Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain took his life 20 years to this day. Hard to believe it’s been that long! Another member of the 27 Club as well….

Although Bowie wrote the original, I love Nirvana’s “unplugged” version for what it is.

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Apr 01 2014

1st April – #RIP Frankie Knuckles – Chicago House Legend and Pioneer


Sad news to hear Frankie Knuckles is no longer with us. Such an influential DJ, Producer and more importantly House legend. Classic tunes throughout the years.

Here is just one of many…

Frankie Knuckles – “Your Love”

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Mar 28 2014

28th March – Website problems at Loopz & #aphextwin “4” Friday tune ;)

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Brief daily update to say that we have a poorly server and we have reported it to our hosting company. I can reboot the server remotely to bring everything back up, but it’s crashing out on a daily basis at the moment. Hopefully will have some good news soon, but until then come back later if the site is dead. thanks

meanwhile…here is a nice Friday tune 🙂 This is when a snare rush was not so common….

Aphex Twin – “4”
Album: Richard D. James Album, 1996

Repeat after me…. “Yep”

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