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May 22 2018

LFO – “Frequencies” (1991) – #1 – #Inspirational albums in no order

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LFO – “Frequencies” (1991)


I struggle with picking ten inspirational albums, so instead i am posting unlimited inspirational albums in no particular order. This album was a no-brainer. To say it blew my mind in 1991 is an understatement and I still play and enjoy it in 2018!

What the late great Mark Bell (RIP) and Gez Varley did back then was very different and musically challenging. It was all about the sound production. The minimal approach, the low murmuring bass and contrasting analogue screechy beeps.

Mark Bell also produced a lot of work for Bjork, and one album for Depeche Mode. For me, “Simon from Sydney” remains one of my favourite tunes of all time.

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If you haven’t listened to this, then go listen and remember it was released in 1991!

“Love is the message…”

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