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Mar 14 2014

March 14th – #RIP Tony Benn 1925 – 2014

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“If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.”

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Mar 14 2014

March 13th – Orbital Live Gigs Loopz project update will be at the weekend

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Sorry, but tied up with other things. All update / comments will then become live

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Mar 13 2014

March 12th – my first Orbital gig @orbitalband #orbital

And what a night this was but what a mess I was 🙂 lol. I am sure that without this night, my life would have been very different. Thanks Oscillate and thanks Mr Bobby Bird (HIA).


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Mar 12 2014

March 11th – what have I started? 270 gigs listed in 24 hrs #orbital @orbitalband

Great start to the Orbital Live Gigs Loopz project. Contributions and backing a from the Orbital community. Fantastic!

The traffic was that intense at one point, that the Loopz website grinders to a halt!

Will continue with further updates in the week and will also start tidying the fonts etc when updates slow down.

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Mar 10 2014

March 10th – Orbital Live Gigs Project kicks off @orbitalband #orbital. Please RT

We did something similar on the original Loopz website and it was a bit too much detailed for my liking. Ended up being a long hard piece of work collecting the photos, setlists, audio and video etc.

We wanted to try this again but keep it simple. The object of the project is, to detail all the gigs from day one and there will naturally a lot of gaps. Could you please help fill the gaps and we will make sure you get a shoutout, on the page for your contribution.

We have a dedicated page to keep things in order, so click here to view – Orbital Live Gigs Project

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