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Mar 28 2014

28th March – Website problems at Loopz & #aphextwin “4” Friday tune ;)

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Brief daily update to say that we have a poorly server and we have reported it to our hosting company. I can reboot the server remotely to bring everything back up, but it’s crashing out on a daily basis at the moment. Hopefully will have some good news soon, but until then come back later if the site is dead. thanks

meanwhile…here is a nice Friday tune 🙂 This is when a snare rush was not so common….

Aphex Twin – “4”
Album: Richard D. James Album, 1996

Repeat after me…. “Yep”

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Mar 28 2014

27th March – Thomas Newman – “Arose (Dan Ross Remix)” from American Beauty #thomasnewman #remix

Thomas Newman “Arose” is a spine chilling piece of music in it’s original form, but I like how Dan Ross has taken this somewhere else. He has still managed to keep with the original theme and not tried to just up-beat the score, like most of the remixes I hear on here.

The original track is taken from the film “American Beauty”, which is also a great.

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