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Jan 02 2014

January 2nd – A cure for a cold?

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I must have had this cold for over 2 weeks now but my trusted cold killer solution has yet to be consumed.

I was lacking a lemon in the house but now I have some! As you can see, the whole lot goes in, pips n all!

Shall give it a go and see if I can change my face to a happier one, instead of the one on the cup 😉


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Jan 02 2014

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 #Apple #Microsoft #Tech #Loopz

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5: All Things Digital


I love watching this. Most people would be either pro-Apple or pro-Microsoft but I have total respect for both and even more respect for the people behind their success and more importantly their vision. Two individuals that really have changed the lives of millions of people worldwide.


Steve Jobs and Bill Gates worked together, worked against each other and had many disagreements / fallouts, but they both respected each other till the very end. I think the following edited video shows all this and I love the stunned looks of Bill Gates towards the end. Priceless…


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