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Apr 15 2012

Orbital Wonky USA release date

Orbital new album “Wonky” will be released exclusively via iTunes, in America and Canada on the 17th April.

The tracklisting will follow the deluxe version as below:-

1. One Big Moment
2. Straight Sun
3. Never
4. New France (feat. Zola Jesus)
5. Distractions
6. Stringy Acid
7. Beelzedub
8. Wonky (feat. Lady Leshurr)
9. Where Is It Going?

1. Lush (Live In Australia)
2. Impact (Live In Australia)
3. Satan (Live In Australia)
4. Belfast (Live In Australia)
5. Chime/Crime (Live In Australia)

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Apr 15 2012

Nouveau Casino Orbital DJ Set Paris

We have received a lot of emails and discussion about the French DJ set in Paris, on the 20th April 2012. The Nouveau Casino venue is too small to take on the full new live production, but the sound system will be Orbital DJing on Ableton and will feature new tracks from Wonky, along with old classics.

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