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Mar 24 2012

24 Minutes : IT Skammer vs IT department. The day he tried to phone skam an IT expert… (feat music from Orbital)


24 Minutes” – Please distribute to friends – don’t get caught out by this skam!


This is a very common IT phone Skam but unfortunately the phone skammer didn’t realise he was calling an IT department. We decided to play the “game” of a non-IT user before exposing him as a Skam. There is some information on the Skam itself at the end of the film.


Note: These skammers will invest a lot of time just to get what they want. Even with all the obvious jokes and blatant insults they still carried on trying. The phone call was a total of 24 minutes but we only started recording part way through. We had already had a conversation about a firewall, in which we related it to the wall outside the house. This person thought he was dealing with a complete thicko by this time.


p.s. There is a little bit of ORBITAL at the beginning and at the end of the film, from the forthcoming album WONKY

p.p.s. Yes that is Loopz doing the talking 😉

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