23rd April - Maida Vale Studios - London - England
2001 - UK Tour Diary
5th May - Sheffield - England
6th May - Wolverhampton - England
7th May - Liverpool - England
8th May - Derby - England
10th May - Edinburgh - Scotland
11th May - Glasgow - Scotland
12th May - Manchester - England
14th May - Bristol - England
15th May - Newcastle - England
17th May - Cambridge - England
18th May - Brixton - London - England
26th May - Homelands - England
1st June - Koln Rock Am Ring Festival - Germany
30th June - MTV Dance Launch party - The Ocean - London
29th July - Fuji Rock Festival - Japan
4th August - Dance Valley - Holland
5th August - Benicassim - Spain
24th August - Pukkelpop - Belgium
25th August - Creamfields UK - Liverpool - England
7th September - Festivalna Hall - Sofia - Bulgaria
8th September - 4th J & B Dance and Techno Festival - Maslak - Istanbul - Turkey
18th September - Lycabettus Ampitheatre - Athens - Greece
21st September - Sala Razzamatazz - Barcelona - Spain
22nd September - Plaza De Toros - San Sebastian - Spain
23rd September - Sala Riviera - Madrid - Spain
2001 - USA Tour Diary
2nd October - Trees in Dallas - USA
3rd October - La Zona Rosa in Austin - USA
5th October - Earthlink Live in Atlanta - USA
6th October - House of Blues in Orlando - USA
7th October - Billboard Live in Miami - USA
10th October - 9.30 Club in Washington - USA
11th October - Palladium in Worcester - USA
12th October - Trocadero in Philadelphia - USA
13th October - Roseland in New York - USA
15th October - The Opera House in Toronto - Canada
16th October - St Andrews in Detroit - USA
17th October - Metro in Chicago - USA
18th October - Quest in Minneapolis - USA
19th October - The Rave in Milwaukee - USA
20th October - Madrid Theater in Kansas City - USA
22nd October - Gothic in Denver - USA
24th October - Warfield in San Francisco - USA
25th October - Palladium in Los Angeles - USA
10th November - Portsmouth Guildhall - Portsmouth
11th November - Birmingham Academy - Birmingham
12th November - Exeter University - Exeter
13th November - Brighton Centre - Brighton
15th November - Brixton Academy - London
16th November - Brixton Academy - London
23rd December - The Point - Dublin - Ireland
TOURS - 06th May - Civic Hall - North Street - Wolverhampton - England
Capacity : 2126

Photo #1 to #21 - Loopz
Review Contribution #1
- DogSolitude
Review Contribution #2- YH

Set List - Loopz
Set List - Tension, The Girl With The Sun In Her Head, Last Thing, Funny Break (Weekend Ravers Mix), Belfast, Oi, Illuminate, Satan, Tootled, Are We Here?, Impact, Dr Who, Chime

Pics #1 to #5 - Meetup before the gig at the Little Civic

Review #1 - DogSolitude
Having just completed a 309 mile round trip to see Orbital in Wolverhampton, all I can say is that they were absolutely awesome. I won't spoil it for others by disclosing the setlist, but lets just say that there were a few surprises in there. I must admit that the Civic has an excellent sound system and last night was a true test and Phil and Paul took it to the extremes with bass that shook your ribcage and made the air vibrate... It was cool to meet some of the others in the Loopz meetup at the Little Civic and a big hello to all who were there, especially Steve. If you're going to see them on the Altogether tour, you will not be disappointed and if it's your first time, you're in for a real treat... Cheers, Dog


Pic #7, #8 and #9 - Crowd at Wolverhampton Civic

Review #2 - The Times

The fraternal duo Paul and Phil Hartnoll are one of the few surviving electronic acts to have honed their sound in the wilderness before rave culture exploded in the late 1980s. Even now, despite a solid following among dance fans, the pair stand apart from fashion in a parallel sonic universe of their own devising.
Their sixth and most conventionally song-based album to date, The Altogether, has attracted cool reviews in some quarters. In fairness it lacks the bite and range of their best work, but the live arena has always been their strongest suit. And thus the brothers proved once more on Sunday, when their latest tour reached a packed Civic Hall in Wolverhampton.

Crouched in semi-darkness behind what looked like the wire-tangled innards of the Mir space station, Orbital delivered two hours of sensory overload and mounting excitement.

The duo’s increasing fondness for vocals has not been allowed to compromise their signature blend of preprogrammed electronics overlaid with improvised textures and live keyboards. Sampled snippets of guest singers were generously deployed, from the woozy celestial sighs of the early crowd-pleaser The Girl with the Sun in Her Head to the high-pitched choir effects of the recent Top 30 single Funny Break. Even the more structured lyrical warbles of the neo-folk crooner David Gray on Illuminate, pinpointed by many reviewers as the album’s weakest link, were transformed by technological tinkering into a sublime instrument in their own right. This proved to be a triumphant makeover, elevating a pedestrian album track into a pulsating widescreen anthem.

Unlike most of their techno peers, the Hartnolls have managed to inject a rich streak of nostalgic Englishness into a music generally associated with gleaming global futurism. The sampled chants of the late Ian Dury in Oi were one example of this colloquial quality, but it became most apparent on their climactic cover version of the Doctor Who title music. Commissioned by the BBC, this was less a remake than an affectionate deconstruction of the famous television theme, rebuilding the original’s clunky throb into a bristling alien soundscape of industrial thuds and fizzing keyboards. Hearty cheers greeted this witty recontextualising of childhood viewing habits.

With almost no serious lulls all night, the brothers maintained their euphoric momentum right up to the grand finale. Then the time-honoured live tracks Impact and Chime were unleashed to a sea of skyward-pointing arms and gyrating torsos. Despite acknowledging a debt to the peaking piano rolls and thumping four-four rhythms of early house music, these tracks remained unmistakably Orbital-esque in character. And fashionable or not, the Hartnolls are still one of the unique and most reliably exciting spectacles in modern pop.

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