23rd April - Maida Vale Studios - London - England
2001 - UK Tour Diary
5th May - Sheffield - England
6th May - Wolverhampton - England
7th May - Liverpool - England
8th May - Derby - England
10th May - Edinburgh - Scotland
11th May - Glasgow - Scotland
12th May - Manchester - England
14th May - Bristol - England
15th May - Newcastle - England
17th May - Cambridge - England
18th May - Brixton - London - England
26th May - Homelands - England
1st June - Koln Rock Am Ring Festival - Germany
30th June - MTV Dance Launch party - The Ocean - London
29th July - Fuji Rock Festival - Japan
4th August - Dance Valley - Holland
5th August - Benicassim - Spain
24th August - Pukkelpop - Belgium
25th August - Creamfields UK - Liverpool - England
7th September - Festivalna Hall - Sofia - Bulgaria
8th September - 4th J & B Dance and Techno Festival - Maslak - Istanbul - Turkey
18th September - Lycabettus Ampitheatre - Athens - Greece
21st September - Sala Razzamatazz - Barcelona - Spain
22nd September - Plaza De Toros - San Sebastian - Spain
23rd September - Sala Riviera - Madrid - Spain
2001 - USA Tour Diary
2nd October - Trees in Dallas - USA
3rd October - La Zona Rosa in Austin - USA
5th October - Earthlink Live in Atlanta - USA
6th October - House of Blues in Orlando - USA
7th October - Billboard Live in Miami - USA
10th October - 9.30 Club in Washington - USA
11th October - Palladium in Worcester - USA
12th October - Trocadero in Philadelphia - USA
13th October - Roseland in New York - USA
15th October - The Opera House in Toronto - Canada
16th October - St Andrews in Detroit - USA
17th October - Metro in Chicago - USA
18th October - Quest in Minneapolis - USA
19th October - The Rave in Milwaukee - USA
20th October - Madrid Theater in Kansas City - USA
22nd October - Gothic in Denver - USA
24th October - Warfield in San Francisco - USA
25th October - Palladium in Los Angeles - USA
10th November - Portsmouth Guildhall - Portsmouth
11th November - Birmingham Academy - Birmingham
12th November - Exeter University - Exeter
13th November - Brighton Centre - Brighton
15th November - Brixton Academy - London
16th November - Brixton Academy - London
23rd December - The Point - Dublin - Ireland
TOURS - 13th October - Roseland in New York - USA 
Capacity - 3200 

Photo #1 to #18 - Loopz

Photo #19 to #21 - Pedro

Set List - Loopz 
Review - Alex Winter
Review #2 - Jason Bader
Ticket Contribution - Christian Williams
Set List - Tension, The Girl With The Sun In Her Head, Last Thing, Funny Break (Weekend Ravers Mix), Belfast, Oi, Illuminate, Satan, Tootled, Halcyon, Impact, Dr Who, Chime


Doris and Steve(Loopz) finally meet up after 5 years of virtual communication

Chris & Becs flew over to NY from England just for the Orbital gig

Meetup - note Becs has the most reflective trousers i have ever seen!

Spotted in Philly first and then i spotted them in New York!!!!
Review #1 - Alex Winter
"just wanted to say thank you to the incredibly talented Hartnoll brothers and everyone else involved in the tremendous Roseland show this past weekend. Myself and about 10 of my good friends went (some of us flying in from Colorado and California for it) and we truly had a blast. You really lifted our spirits after such a horrible month. I think I speak for everyone who was lucky enough to have seen the show that we all came away from it feeling better than we have in a long time. Impact practically brought tears to my eyes, the version of Satan with that crazy heavy guitar was the best I've ever heard, and the newer songs (Oi especially comes to mind) sounded phenomenal. All thoughts of the attacks, missing friends and Anthrax scares melted away the moment you hit the stage. It was incredibly therapeutic and you made a lot of people happy. So thanks for a great show, we'll all see you next time around!"



Review #1 - Jason Bader
"This is the second time ive seen them (both in NY). Last time was during their Family Values Tour (or something named like that). They were touring with Crystal Method on that one (who Ive seen twice as well). As for last night, I was very impressed with the amount of material they played (2hrs worth). I was thinking "Are they playing extra stuff for NY'es because they feel bad because of the 9/11 incident and want to do their absolute best?" Whatever the reason they played just about ever song I wanted to hear. Most of the new stuff they knocked out in the first half. It seemed as if people were not that familar with a lot of it. The second half started with a bang, as I knew it would with SATAN. Halcyon was the big hit as always and thank god they played Dr. Who which is my second favorite Orbital song of all time. Only song they ddint play that I waslooking foward to was Planet of The Shapes, but thats ok because they bplayed it ladt time. As for the crowd, it was an unusual mix. Many young people 16-20 yr old which is great because they are the new blood that will keep Orbital around for another 10 years. "

Drinks after ....thanx to the drunk who took this and for chopping my head in half! :)

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