1999 Tour Diary
31st Dec - Cream Liverpool, England
16th Oct - Brazil
15th Oct - Brazil
25th Sep - Homelands Ireland
28th Aug - Pukkelpop
27th Aug - Lowlands
22nd Aug - V99
Chelmsford, England
21st Aug - V99
13th Aug - Flux Festival Edinburgh, Scotland
10th Aug - Total Eclipse
Festival - Plymouth, England
24th Jul - Long Beach Con
Center - California , USA
23rd Jul - Bill Graham Civic Aud - San Francisco , USA
22nd Jul - House of Blues, Las Vegas, USA
21st Jul - Del Mar Fairgrounds - Del Mar , San Diego, USA
20th Jul - Club Rio, Tempe, Phoenix , USA
18th Jul - Brady Theatre, Tulsa, USA
17th Jul - Bronco Bowl, Dallas, USA
16th Jul - Austin Music Hall, Austin , USA
15th Jul - State Palace Theatre , New Orleans , USA
14th Jul - Tabernacle Atlanta , USA
13th Jul - Fairgrounds Jacksonville , USA
11th Jul - Electric Factory, Philadelphia , USA
10th Jul - Palladium Worcester , USA
09th Jul - Hammerstein Ballroom, New York , USA
08th Jul - Crane, Pittsburgh , USA
07th Jul - Nautica Stage Cleveland , USA
06th Jul - State Theatre, Detroit , USA
04th Jul - Congress Theatre , Chicago , USA
02th Jul - Roskilde Denmark
26th Jun - Glastonbury, England
19th Jun - Madrid Stadium, Spain
17th Jun - Sonar 99, Barcelona, Spain
11th Jun - Prague Castle, Prague
29th May - Drum Rhythm Festival , Amsterdam
24th Apr - Peel Session - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
15th Apr - Amsterdam
14th Apr - Paris , France
03rd Apr - Espárrago, Spain
31st Mar - Dublin, Ireland
30th Mar - Dublin, Ireland
28th Mar - Brixton Academy , London, UK
27th Mar - Brixton Academy, London, UK
26th Mar - Brighton , UK
24th Mar - Southampton, UK
23rd Mar - Cambridge , UK
22nd Mar - Wolverhampton , UK
21st Mar - Glasgow , UK
20th Mar - Manchester , UK
18th Mar - Sheffield , UK
17th Mar - Newcastle , UK
16th Mar - Leeds , UK
15th Mar - Bristol , UK
14th Mar - Exeter , UK
8th Mar - Mass , London (Cancelled)
TOURS - 21st July 1999 - Del Mar Fairgrounds - Del Mar - San Diego - USA

Photo Contribution #1 - Unknown
Photo Contribution #2 - Unknown
Review Contribution #1 - Jeff Fanno
Ticket Scan - Larry Sargent

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Review #1 - Jeff Fanno
The setting was pretty sweet it was a large exhibit hall that had that warehouse rave feeling to it.. The sound was loud and big with lots of echos. We got there in the middle of Lo-Fi Allstars. I liked what I heard, but not enough to dance and view their entire performance. My friend and headed outside get some air and save our eardrums. This is the part where I have to say D'oh! I was standing outside with my friend Tanya and I tell her, I think that's Paul Hartnoll. He was wearing an orange shirt and dark pants and running shoes. He was by himself just having a cigarrette. I'm thinking is it him or isn't it? Why would he be just by himself and how come noone else has recognized. I thought he would be bigger or taller. I met Phil Hartnoll a few years ago and I remember he was several inches taller than me. I was wearing my Digger made red shirt that says New Age Traveler on the front. I kept noticing he was looking at it. After a while he left and went back insides.

We went back in and we hoped that we somehow missed the Crystal Method. Unfortunately that still had to play. We stayed for about two songs and returned outdoors. The music was ok, but it just lacked substance and emotion. After a while we went back in and there was Paul Hartnoll again standing in the middle of the venue. This time I went over and asked, "Are you Paul Harnoll?" He said, "I could be". I said, "yeah its you" I then babbled about how big a fan I was and was eager to hear their set. He asked me where I got the bootleg shirt. I said from this guy Digger on the Orbital mailing list. He checked out the back of it and liked it and said it had the cowboy look to it. With lasso's around the word Orbital. He seemed to really like it. I mentioned how this shirt has held out better than the ones I bought the last time Orbital toured. He said, they really have no say in what they sell, especially in America. He said I should get my money back. He then commented on the crowd, or lack thereof. There was probably about 2000 people, no more than that. I told him I would expect Long Beach to be 2-3 times that size. He said, I hope so. He then excused himself because he had to get ready for the show. I thanked him for talking to me and shook his hand again and off he went to create some magical music.

And magical it was. From the opening theme from the Clockwork Orange to the last bars of a sped up Chime-Orbital has this aura and soulfulness to their music. The set list was unchanged from what everyone else has been writing. An Fhomhair was the only missing track. They started with Way Out and then into Spare Parts Express. Just hearing and seeing Phil and Paul Hartnoll create their music live in front of you is sooo amazing. From the deep bass hits to the highs and other nuances in there music. It is so incredible. This one really got the crowd going and dancing it up. Phil was amazing. He looked to be having such a great time, the whole night just whooping the crowd up and dancing like a mad man and playing to the crowd. It was a joy watching how much fun he was having. Impact (reversed) really got the house moving. I think it took a while for people to recognize it. I totally loved the live version of Nowhere to Run, the bass was so heavy and I just loved to tiny little changes in the live version. Next came Halcyon, this put the whole crowd into a spell. I love the blue dot, growing and pulsing on the screens. You could feel the love out there, everyone rushed to the front and there were so many happy smiling faces. Of course the Bon Jovi/Belinda Carlisle samples were such a treat to hear again. I loved it. I Don't know you people was really charged up. It just was an aggressive hard sound to it, followed by the Box. This song is sooo damn cool live. I really liked the clanky garage sound to it, the beats were really spread apart and it just had such blocky sound to it. Its hard to describe, really, but I totally dug it.

When Nothing Left (part 2) came on, I was ready for some more. It sounded incomplete just going into part two. But the visuals were really cool with this one and Alision Goldgrap's voice sounded so good live. To me, I was seeing all this computer code on the screen digits of 1 and 0's flow across the screen and then shots of missles and other images. The code got me thinking about the y2k computer bug, but that's a whole nother post. Style was another gem of the night. It was like a big mix of all the singles slapped into one long tune. Phil and Paul were both egging everyone on with one of the samples. The stopped for the break before the encore. My friend Tanya found me up near the front of the stage, where I was the whole time. I told her that Satan, Dr Who and Chime should be next. They came out and I hear the beginning of Satan with the 1999 on the screen it, turns upside down and bam- the Mark of the Beast 666 is now in front of our eyes. Satan was soooo intense, those deep red lighs and hardcore images made me feel like I was in hell. It just went on and on, I loved every second of it, my God that was awesome. Next comes Dr. Who. All I can say is WOW, that has to be released as a single or at least a B-Side. It was so freaking cool, when I recognized the melody and the beats came in, it just blew me away. I noticed a few others out there recognized it as well. This track led into Chime. Oooooh, what a way to end the night, this was the fastest version of Chime I have ever heard. It was soo uptempo and fast. It just got everybody in a good dancy mood. The gold lights and disco balls were sooooo coool. The whole light, visual and sound was a feast for the senses. I wish they played for another hour. The song ended and they briefly played the impact beats in there, and I prayed that they would just drop in that song again. Of course they didn't, but it didn't matter, the left everyone craving more. It ended and they thanked the audience and we all left speechless. Not many people were talking after this show. They have had their eardrums popped. I can't wait to see them again in two days.
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