1999 Tour Diary
31st Dec - Cream Liverpool, England
16th Oct - Brazil
15th Oct - Brazil
25th Sep - Homelands Ireland
28th Aug - Pukkelpop
27th Aug - Lowlands
22nd Aug - V99
Chelmsford, England
21st Aug - V99
13th Aug - Flux Festival Edinburgh, Scotland
10th Aug - Total Eclipse
Festival - Plymouth, England
24th Jul - Long Beach Con
Center - California , USA
23rd Jul - Bill Graham Civic Aud - San Francisco , USA
22nd Jul - House of Blues, Las Vegas, USA
21st Jul - Del Mar Fairgrounds - Del Mar , San Diego, USA
20th Jul - Club Rio, Tempe, Phoenix , USA
18th Jul - Brady Theatre, Tulsa, USA
17th Jul - Bronco Bowl, Dallas, USA
16th Jul - Austin Music Hall, Austin , USA
15th Jul - State Palace Theatre , New Orleans , USA
14th Jul - Tabernacle Atlanta , USA
13th Jul - Fairgrounds Jacksonville , USA
11th Jul - Electric Factory, Philadelphia , USA
10th Jul - Palladium Worcester , USA
09th Jul - Hammerstein Ballroom, New York , USA
08th Jul - Crane, Pittsburgh , USA
07th Jul - Nautica Stage Cleveland , USA
06th Jul - State Theatre, Detroit , USA
04th Jul - Congress Theatre , Chicago , USA
02th Jul - Roskilde Denmark
26th Jun - Glastonbury, England
19th Jun - Madrid Stadium, Spain
17th Jun - Sonar 99, Barcelona, Spain
11th Jun - Prague Castle, Prague
29th May - Drum Rhythm Festival , Amsterdam
24th Apr - Peel Session - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
15th Apr - Amsterdam
14th Apr - Paris , France
03rd Apr - Espárrago, Spain
31st Mar - Dublin, Ireland
30th Mar - Dublin, Ireland
28th Mar - Brixton Academy , London, UK
27th Mar - Brixton Academy, London, UK
26th Mar - Brighton , UK
24th Mar - Southampton, UK
23rd Mar - Cambridge , UK
22nd Mar - Wolverhampton , UK
21st Mar - Glasgow , UK
20th Mar - Manchester , UK
18th Mar - Sheffield , UK
17th Mar - Newcastle , UK
16th Mar - Leeds , UK
15th Mar - Bristol , UK
14th Mar - Exeter , UK
8th Mar - Mass , London (Cancelled)
TOURS - 30th March - Olympia Theatre - Dublin - Ireland

Photo Contribution #1 - Shane Grafton
Photo Contribution #2 - Shane Grafton
Set List - Loopz
Review Contribution #1 - Deaglan O'Meachair
Review Contribution #2 - Peter Mahoney
Review Contribution #3 - Cian Ffrench-O'Carroll
Review Contribution #4 - Quinlan Michael Oliver
Review Contribution #5 - John Till

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Set List - (intro - Clockwork Orange), Way Out, Spare Parts Express, Impact (The Earth is Burning), Know Where to Run, An Fhomhair, Halcyon (with Belinda Carlisle and Bon Jovi samples) ,I Dont Know You People, The Box, Nothing Left (Parts 1 and 2), Style, Bigpipe Style, Satan, Open Mind (F.A.Mix) (with the new intro - vocoder fallout samples) , Doctor Who and Chime.

Review #1
- Deaglan O'Meachair
I saw Orbital play Dublin's Olympia Theatre on the 30th of March '99. They were absolutley amazing. I've been a fan for a long time, and have heard various snipets of their live experience, but never in my life could I have expected such energy. They were intense, astounding, powerful. So many different emotions going through my head and my body. The bass was amazing, wrenching your stomach along to the beat shaking your whole body to the core. The visuals were on another level, did so much for the music. And the whole atmosphere, the interaction of the brothers two and the crowd, it was astonishing to behold.

At one point the audio went dead, and they looked very flustrated indeed, running around the set, looking at wires etc. After a while everything sorted itself out and they more than made up for the brief interuption. After said incident, they went Powerhaus, working up a massive frenzy of adoration, respect, excitement, and energy. They played a kicking version of Satan, which eventually calmed down into a flat bass beat, pulsing slowly. This continued for a minute or so, lights low, and the crowd delighted in the breather. But this beat tightened, grew, and low and behold, the Box out of nowhere was exploded into the midst of the place. Lights raced, heads bopped, hearts skipped a beat, and Orbital did what they do best. This was undoubtedly the highlight of the gig, absolutely unforgettable. The Box took the crowd to places they never dreamed of, and after all that could be said was taken up with Style, which got everyone again going. It was quite a contrast from the hedonistic intensity of the Box, which was a feast of adoration from the floor to the stage.

And so the pulse was taken down. But, as to be expected, another trick was waiting in the wings. Morphing slyly, a Dr. Who rendition broke into the minds, and again Orbital showed what they were made of. As the grand finale, this was perfect. It took every haggered and beleagured body and rocked them each and every one, one last time. By the end of this, the relationship that the brothers had established with their, by now, adoring fans, was incredible. They left us with a thanks from them both, and smiles, handshakes, hugs and kisses were all to be seen. Intense doesn't come close to describing the feelings at this point. People looked around at each other with questioning eyes, as if to say, what now?, where does life go after this? Orbital, for over two hours, put people in a place they never knew existed, and never dreamed of being in. And as eventually the crowd dispersed, there hung a heavy heart in many chests, a feeling akin to watching a loved one depart at an Airport, not knowing the impact of the loss, and fearing the worst. Personally, already I need more.

Review #2 - Peter Mahoney
Went into Orbital last night. Deadly, amazin' me ears are still bleedin' but not as much as they were earlier. I am wrecked. There was some love buzz going on in there. Everyone was there to dance. And Orbital didn't dissappoint. From their opening tune Way Out to their closing tune Chime, they played a stomping mad set. The heat, and the lights! every time I close my eyes for even a second I get the image of all theese heads bopping up and down in a strobing effect. I still cannot hear a thing that the customers are telling me. There was a wicked smell of fine grass everywhere around me. I got totally wrapped up in this mass of popping dancing heads, swimming wavey hands and the lights rising and falling while the backdrop blasted a powerful visual image into my wide and happy eyes..

I danced all night. For the first 4 tunes I thought that my lungs were going to pop. Then everything fell into its own ryhtm and the dancing took over. No water, no piss breaks, no smokes just fantastic sound bubbles bursting between my ears.

My arms are too tired to type any more.

Review #3 - Cian Ffrench-O'Carroll
The olympia is probably on of the most cramped places i've ever been in,, the ground floor is 2500 square foot at most. The stage takes up about a third of this, and ther are a further two balconies above it. Initially i thought they had been intelligent and decided not to over allocate the tickets. I turned up (too) early (as usual) and found the aplce prety empty, so i propped myself against the front bar, so should the place fill up i would be crushed instanlty to death, Rather than being slowly dragged to the front whilst being trampled.

At about 8.00 some blokes came on, they didn't look like Orbital and didn't sound like Orbital. So i came to the conclussion they were not Orbital. (hhrrmph) they(plaid?) bugged me;(sorry) it seemed like they were trying to be a multiple of things at once.

They stopped at around 9.00 and after quite little shuffling of equipment, a smoke machine kicked into life. Some intro music began and amidst the smoke i saw two pairs of small torches appear. (brilliant gimmick) The set was exactlly the same as all the previous ones except that Dr Who was replaced by Bon Jovis' 'you give love a bad name' (?) ( confused! - Loopz)

I was suprised to see Paul sporting a short sleeved Hawaiian shirt, (although its the first Orbital gig i ever went to - maybe he lives in the things). Phil was typically outgoing, saying 'thank you' everytime somebody sneezed. (haha -mmm - Loopz)

There's really not much more to say, as it seems otherwise like the previous concerts. The Wedenesday night one may have been different again, but i didn't have the forsight to buy a ticket for it in time :-(. Overall a good gig (of course) oh and your site is EXCELLENT.

Review #4 - Quinlan Michael Oliver
As for the olimpia, we had the best of both worlds we were upstairs looking down on the lads on tuesday night,the sound was perfect and the visual display was totally entertaining....both the new stuff and old favourates (satans many names)_and fitted the music perfectly.

Review #5 - John Till
The Olympia Theatre in Dublin was an excellent night, a fairly small venue and an Irish crowd that certainly know how to enjoy themselves !
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