1999 Tour Diary
31st Dec - Cream Liverpool, England
16th Oct - Brazil
15th Oct - Brazil
25th Sep - Homelands Ireland
28th Aug - Pukkelpop
27th Aug - Lowlands
22nd Aug - V99
Chelmsford, England
21st Aug - V99
13th Aug - Flux Festival Edinburgh, Scotland
10th Aug - Total Eclipse
Festival - Plymouth, England
24th Jul - Long Beach Con
Center - California , USA
23rd Jul - Bill Graham Civic Aud - San Francisco , USA
22nd Jul - House of Blues, Las Vegas, USA
21st Jul - Del Mar Fairgrounds - Del Mar , San Diego, USA
20th Jul - Club Rio, Tempe, Phoenix , USA
18th Jul - Brady Theatre, Tulsa, USA
17th Jul - Bronco Bowl, Dallas, USA
16th Jul - Austin Music Hall, Austin , USA
15th Jul - State Palace Theatre , New Orleans , USA
14th Jul - Tabernacle Atlanta , USA
13th Jul - Fairgrounds Jacksonville , USA
11th Jul - Electric Factory, Philadelphia , USA
10th Jul - Palladium Worcester , USA
09th Jul - Hammerstein Ballroom, New York , USA
08th Jul - Crane, Pittsburgh , USA
07th Jul - Nautica Stage Cleveland , USA
06th Jul - State Theatre, Detroit , USA
04th Jul - Congress Theatre , Chicago , USA
02th Jul - Roskilde Denmark
26th Jun - Glastonbury, England
19th Jun - Madrid Stadium, Spain
17th Jun - Sonar 99, Barcelona, Spain
11th Jun - Prague Castle, Prague
29th May - Drum Rhythm Festival , Amsterdam
24th Apr - Peel Session - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
15th Apr - Amsterdam
14th Apr - Paris , France
03rd Apr - Espárrago, Spain
31st Mar - Dublin, Ireland
30th Mar - Dublin, Ireland
28th Mar - Brixton Academy , London, UK
27th Mar - Brixton Academy, London, UK
26th Mar - Brighton , UK
24th Mar - Southampton, UK
23rd Mar - Cambridge , UK
22nd Mar - Wolverhampton , UK
21st Mar - Glasgow , UK
20th Mar - Manchester , UK
18th Mar - Sheffield , UK
17th Mar - Newcastle , UK
16th Mar - Leeds , UK
15th Mar - Bristol , UK
14th Mar - Exeter , UK
8th Mar - Mass , London (Cancelled)
TOURS - 21st March - Glasgow Barrowlands - Glasgow - Scotland - UK

Review Contribution #1 - Jim Martin
Review Contribution #2 - Paul Graham
Review Contribution #3 - Trym Asserson
Review Contribution #4 - Alistair Roylance
Review Contribution #5 - Andy Cowan
Review Contribution #6 - Tim Bland
Review Contribution #7 - Liam
Review Contribution #8 - Phillip Teale
Review Contribution #9 - Michael Thompson
Set List - Loopz
Ticket Contribution - Michael Shankland


Set List - (intro - Clockwork Orange), Way Out, Spare Parts Express, Impact (The Earth is Burning), Know Where to Run, An Fhomhair, Halcyon (with Belinda Carlisle and Bon Jovi samples) ,I Dont Know You People, The Box, Nothing Left (Parts 1 and 2), Style, Bigpipe Style, Satan, Open Mind (F.A.Mix) (with the new intro - vocoder fallout samples) , Doctor Who and Chime.

Review #1 - Jim Martin
Steve, You need to get yourself up to Scotland mate to see Orbital. I was at the Barrowlands on Sunday and the boys got the whole place bouncing. Big Pipe Style got an excellent reception as you could probably imagine. The new tunes sound great, but the climax to the evening with Satan, Doctor Who and Chime was fucking mental, bodies were flying everywhere and I thought the floor was going to collapse. I hope Paul and Phil enjoyed it as much as everyone else did. Please pass on a big thank you from me and all my friends who thoroughly enjoyed a great gig. I hopefully will see them again at Glastonbury.

Review #2 - Paul Graham
I went to the Orbital concert last night in Glasgow, which was absolutely fantastic, esp. Satan and Halcyon.

Review #3 - Trym Asserson
18 hours ago, was there at the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow. Felt a tingling as I walked there and couldn't wait to see Orbital again (now I was aware I was going to watch them, not get the same experience as my first concert with Orbital in Roskilde 95 whree I didn't know until a year later. ;) Booze has its effects...) So, thanks for the zine Steve, I will enjoy reading it today as my flight goes back to Norway. The concert, loved it, refreshing new sound, totally love Orbital's new twists to their old tracks without saying anything more to those of you who have still not been to a concert. As for the surprise track, I still have to be surprised as to which one you mean.. Plaid, loved it too, they sounded like a great mix of all music I like; one second they were remixing David Holmes and then they were sounding very Autechre'ish, only to go on to sounding more like housey, ambient-housey. Great supporting act!...now, if only the deafness and ringing in my right ear would subside.

Review #4 - Alistair Roylance
I've finally recovered, and have written about all I can remeber ! Hope this is some use. Glasgow was better than Leeds hands down. It just seemed to go smoother.

The Barrowlands is one of those huge old dancing halls, acres of wooden springy dancefloor, and a huge curved embossed ceiling and the pre-requisite glitter ball ! It’s a fantastic concert hall, one of those where you can cram in loads of people, but the whole place still seems intimate somehow. It was definitely intimate tonight. We arrived early and caught all of Plaid’s set. It was good to see a few folk leaping around for the support...pleasant change. The new ‘Black Dog’ played really well, with some storming tracks.....I’m off to get the album ! By the time Plaid were drawing to a close, the hall had filled considerably and people were all asking “What’s the new stuff like ?” Tee Hee. Wait and see. Orbital took the stage at 9pm, head light bobbing on stage to intro music that I couldn’t spot. Straight into it, with two new tracks from the album ( Way Out + Spare Parts Express) which sounded really dark and hard. The sounds system was great, nowhere near as heavy bass as the Leeds gig, just right in fact. The sounds merged into the intro to Impact, as a more and more people recognised the brown album classic, the place went mental. This was gonna be good, really good. Impact seemed newer and fresher than previous hearings......the place was literally jumping by the end of it ! A small pause, one of only three over the next two hours, and onto more new material (Know Where to Run) which sounds immense through a big p.a. This is going to be one of my favourites I think. The crowd responded well to the new material, unsure of where it was going but lapping up every minute of it. An Fhomhair next, blurred in, bass rhythms slowly mutating to the next tune, which nearly caused the roof of the Barrowlands to rise to the heavens. The vocals of Halcyon drifted over the crowd, roars of appreciation and a mass effort to try to move the dancefloor downstairs. The whole place was going mad, electric blue strobes bathed the hall, shirts were coming off, the temperature rose......it was like being back at a real warehouse rave, everyone was smiling, hugging, dancing and looking like they’d rather be nowhere else ! Especially when the Belinda sample dropped..mental. A high point for myself as well, the first time I’ve heard the original version of Halcyon live. Totally brilliant. That was it, there was no stopping the crowd now who continued in a similar vein for the rest of the night. I Don’t Know You People, The Box and Nothings Left all followed, again loud and in your face, the newer material sounding really raw and hard. Proper Techno. Style brought the biggest cheer of the night, and when Bagpipe style started up, a sight I’m not going to forget. It just didn’t stop....Daddy what does......Oh Oh, here comes Satan....a little pause before the crowd catch the sample and the first few squelches....this was a brilliant rendition totally perfect..., in comes Open Mind.....back to the rave again, hard, agressive and again a new live track for me and a definite bonus. The set was flawless, no technical hitches at all, the sound was great and the crowd deserve a medal. “Cheers and Goodnight” cried Paul, the crowd didn’t listen and screamed and stamped for the brothers to return..2 hours has passed since the first notes of Way Out, where did that go ? ....a few nervous tense moments whilst the goggles passed out of sight at the back of the stage... .back they came, with the Doctor Who theme blending into Chime. They had to do it didn’t they? They had to go and make a fantastic night out......a perfect one.

Review #5 - Andy Cowan
I expected Plaid to be fairly mellow however they certainly seemed to liven the crowd up in time for Orbital. By the time Orbital came on the venue had filled right up.
Was surprised that the gig finished so early but they were on for a good 2 hour set and played pretty much everything I wanted to hear. Plus new stuff that I'm looking forward to getting my paws on. It was only the second time I've heard them use their sample of Belinda Carlisle which was just the best. Heard it first down at a Tribal Gathering down south and it brought back some fantastic memories! Also that Doctor Who carry on at the end was a laugh. Took me a while to work out what sample they were using but that was great to finish off with.
The crowd were well up for it! Even though the dance floor was mobbed there didn't seem to be any barging for dancing space.......which occasionally happens down the Barrowlands. Plenty of smiling faces all round :) Satan (as always) and Bagpipe Style appeared to be particular crowd pleasers on the night.
Also picked up a copy of Steve Loopz' Orbital Fanzine which was well worth a read. For all those that didn't manage to lay their hands on a copy.............you should have got there earlier!

Review #6 - Tim Bland
I was at the Orbital Live gig just a few weeks ago in Glasgow Barrowlands. I also saw the Hartnoll brothers play live in the Barrowlands as part of a PURE party a couple of years ago. The exact date escapes me but I recall that Laurent Guarnier was also in attendance.
The 1999 date was the first time I had visited the Barrowlands in over a year. The atmosphere was highly charged and from chatting to other punters you tell the expectations were high. Unfortunately I missed Plaid playing there set but from all reports it was top quality.
I won't go on and on about individual tracks but suffice to say that, when the lights went up and the music stopped, there were people who couldn't find words superlative enough. Oh, one other thing, love the Dr Who segway.
A night to be savoured and remembered...

Review #7 - Liam
I saw them in Manchester a fortnight ago and the new stuff is a demon live. Expect Bigpipe Style to become a live staple, as it was well cool when they wound up the set with it. There were also nice live touches that throw the album into sharper relief, i.e. coming on stage to the theme music of Clockwork Orange and covering Dr. Who for the encore. Wondered if the CO theme had been planned prior to SK's death?
The background projections also add a lot to the music. Clever bits and pieces like when half of the background screens show a binary digital stream (1's and 0's), whilst the other half show a random stream of A's T's C's and G's. Presumably this is a reference to the four base nucleotides, the logic being that we are the digital transmissions of our ancestors.

Review #8 - Phillip Teale
Firstly, Orbital... what a band, Loopz... what a site. I was a the Barrowlands concert and quite frankly it blew me away. The best night ever.

Review #9 - Michael Thompson
This is the first time i've seen the site. I like it. I went to the gig in Glasgow and it was good. The last time I seen Orbital at 'the barras' it wasn't even a sell out. Now three years later, with nothing to show, they manage to sell the place out. The crowd gave them a very warm reception and they seemed to respond accordingly. The names of the tracks are a mystery to me as I have not heard the album. Obviously the old favourites came through clear. They done about four encores and done two tracks each time. The best of which was Satan. The sound system didn't seem as powerful as the last time as I seen them and the light show didn't seem as intense. But maybe that was because i hadn't taken a microdot this time. I have been a big fan since the beginning and have travelled all over to them, Amsterdam(gasholder), Brixton Academy(Megadog with Aphex Twin) to name but a few. Subsequently my musical tastes have altered and although I still have a soft spot for Orbital and the fact that they are excellent live i'm not the fan I used to be. I prefer the more minimal qualities of Pan Sonic, Faust and Plastikman. At the gig they would be like playing really heavy tones and drones and I would be like going mad, jumping up and down while everybody stood and waited on a beat. Then the beats would come and then more beats and more rhythyms and more, until it was too saturated, y'know. I prefer it to be stripped right down, i like to see other punters getting really pissed of cause they cant dance to the sounds that are tearing their heads off. Besides all that I did enjoy the gig it was a right good atmosphere and it was Orbital for fuck sake.

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