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Remix Competition - 1999

The 1999 Remix Competition was started during the month of July 1999 and was finally closed in October 1999. The competition invited 34 brilliant remixes and created mayhem for the judges. The quality of the entries delayed the decision on the two winners until May 2000.

All are worth mentioning but I personally enjoyed NAABs "The Woman With The Fire In Her Eyes", Chris Bentleys "Way Way Out" which turned "Way Out"
into a squelching orbiting beefy track, Rich Labarcas jittering funky acid wrenching rendition of "Nothing Left", Eddie Pauls chilled version of "Forever", DJ Faskils 18 minute mammoth epic of "Halcyon" and Whiggys dark and deep version of "Crash and Carry".

Two remixes piped the above to the post. Both had caught the judges attention for their remix idea and overall execution. Both had remixed the track in a very unique style and moved it towards the edge of its genre. Intricacys version of "Attached" no longer featured any of its original and trademark analogue sounds instead it was replaced with a synthetic orchestra. Tone Matrixs effect driven remix of "Way Out" climaxed with male vocals, a theremin and a harpsichord - Box style!

The 1999 Remix Winners are:-

Remix 10 - Intricacy - Attached (Orchestra Interpretation)
Remix 25 - Tone Matrix - Way Out (Tone Matrix Mix)

Thanx to all that entered in what may be the last ever Loopz / Orbital remix competition. A discussion forum has been set up for everyone to discuss the 1999 remix competition. Please click here to view or contribute to the discussion.
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