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Remix Competition - 1997

The 1997 Remix Competition was first ever Orbital / Loopz comptition. The competition spawned many remixes and a lot of interest to the visitors of the website. Contestants were invited to remix any Orbital track of their choice. No samples or midi files were given out…the samples used and the track itself were created by the remixer. The judges for this competition were Paul Hartnoll, Phil Hartnoll, Steve LOOPZ Price and Neil Jones.

There was 2 winners for this competition and it was
Remix 4 - Niko Tzoukmanis - "Midnight (Unitary Techsteppin Mix)"
Remix 5 - Ranger Rick - "Adnans"

There was also a winner on the Internet Vote and that was
Remix 14 - Mobeus - "Out There Somewhere (Mobeus Mix)"

The winners of the 1997 competition both received 2 Trupaks Promos. A value of at least 100 English Pounds. Every contestant received a copy of Loopz Issue 4 signed by Paul and Phil Hartnoll.

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