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Remix Competition - 1997 - Remix Number 2
Orbital Track Various
Remixer Martin Lessmeister
Remix Name Orbital Orbited
Location New Jersey, USA
Musical influence  

Electronic music really sparked my interest (by fate) about two years ago. The Future Sound of London was the group which got me onto the bandwagon.Branching from FSOL, I came to know and love artists like AFX, Autechre,and especially Orbital. The collage of sound that electronic music creates defines its originality. I feel this music inspires me and gives me more individuality. As far as other music, I like lots -- from Beethoven to Pink Floyd. It's pretty cool to listen to someone who has total contral of his instrument. That's why I like to switch over to analog/acoustic every once in a while. :)

Why did you choose this remix  

I didn't choose a particular song to remix. I thought putting together more than one of my favorite songs might be a better representation of this fantastic band. Plus I thought It would be more "exciting."

What style of Orbital do you wish to hear in the future:  

I can't really say. Just that they should be as creative as they always have been, and that they should follow themselves -- not necessarily the rest of the industry. And it would be nice to hear some live Orbital in a town near me. My friends and I would jump to the occasion!

Favourite Tracks  

Of what I own, my favorites are (in no particular order): Halcyon (live),Lush 3, Speed Freak, Chime (live), The Box EP, Sad But True, and Out There Somewhere?

Equipment/Software Used  

A couple hundred megs free hard drive space... Soundforge 4.0 and all its useful tools, Vienna 2.1 for sample manipulation. And to avoid sounding too machine produced, I resorted to my brain to add some natural imperfections ;)

Samples and Full Track  
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