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Remix Competition - 1997 - Remix Number 10
Orbital Track Event Horizon
Remixer Scott Reeves
Remix Name Hull Breach Mix
Location Redhill, UK
Musical influence  

Umm, I guess I'm influenced in mixing by most mixers around today, but most of my inspiration comes from listening to the classic movie composers like John Barry, James Horner (whos music I used for the intro to my mix), Danny Elfman and alike. To me, music is a visual medium, whether its supported by images on a screen or by what you can conjure up in your own mind. Other influences would come from synth musicians like Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Mark Shreeve.

Why did you choose this remix  

Well, I've been following both Kamen and Orbital for years.. How could I pass up a chance to mix such a great collaboration between one of fave movie composers and two of my fave composers, period.

What style of Orbital do you wish to hear in the future:  

I'd like to see them do more movie stuff, but then *I* would. What I'd really like to hear would be them both working with an orchestra, nothing heavy but just to see what they could do. I really liked what they did with some of the cues in Event Horizon, I'd just like to see them expand of what they begun.

Favourite Tracks  

I guess the Box pt2 and Halcyon.

Equipment / Software Used  

Just a wav editor (Sound Forge) and some plugins

Samples and Full Track  
Full Version
Track Sample
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