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Remix Competition - 1997 - Remix Number 7
Orbital Track The Girl With The Sun In Her Head
Remixer Morpheus
Remix Name Memories of Her
Location Vancouver, Canada
Musical influence  

Influence is Orbital. Then FSOL, The Orb and Aphex Twin.

Why did you choose this remix  

Because it is my favourite song and it would be quite easy to get samples from. I have also wanted to figure out the tunes and stuff in it ever since I heard it..

What style of Orbital do you wish to hear in the future:  

I want to hear whatever Phil and Paul want to do. To say I want to hear a certain sound would be putting limitations on there unlimited diversity.

Favourite Tracks  

The Girl With The Sun In Her Head, Forever, Halcyon and Lush 3

Equipment / Software Used  

Fastracker II, Cool Edit 96

Samples and Full Track  
Full Version
Track Sample
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