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Remix Competition - 1997 - Remix Number 9
Orbital Track Impact
Remixer Brian Hall(right)(Submitted by Chris Herz)(left)
Remix Name None
Location Originally Dallas in USA but working in Nicaragua. Chris is from Eugene in USA.
Musical influence  

Loves Orbital, Skankin Pickle, The Police, The Specials... Really anyone who enjoys the art of music should be an influence to him.

Why did you choose this remix  

He chose Impact to remix because he wanted the challenge of trying to recreate of what he loved. Impact, I believe, is one of his favorite Orbital tracks.

What style of Orbital do you wish to hear in the future:  

By Orbital? Well anything! If the bros proud of what they hear ,then Brian and myself will groove to it.

Favourite Tracks  

Brian: Halcyon +On +On, Impact, Forever and Oolaa
Chris: Halcyon +On +On, Impact, Satan, Crash and Carry and TGWTSIHH

Equipment / Software Used  

Impulse Tracker 2

Samples and Full Track  
Full Version
Track Sample
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