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Remix Competition - 1997 - Remix Number 14
Orbital Track Out There Somewhere
Remixer Mobeus
Remix Name Mobeus Mix
Location Blackpool , UK
Musical influence  

Martin : Kraftwerk, 80's electronica and of course Orbital ;)
Pascal : Electronica

Why did you choose this remix  

Martin : Really like the track and wanted to do something not everyone else would have a go at. Wanted something with a challenge, and it was *believe me*

What style of Orbital do you wish to hear in the future:  

Martin : "Orbital style", you've got to remember these guys are probably the most unique band in the UK. They don't fit into any pidgeonholes, they are Orbital, they're the only 'underground' act to chart top 10 and still keep every bit of credability. Whatever Orbital release next I'm sure will be well worth listening to.

Favourite Tracks  

Martin : I would have said Out there somewhere, but I think I've heard it enough for a lifetime now. I think I'm going for Adan's or Lush 3.x ;)
Pascal : Tracks from the green album...Fahrenheit 303

Equipment / Software Used  

We've recently got a PC system with the idea of hard-disk recording, however he Orbital remix was our first chance to use it. Previously we'd just been using the PC for remastering and for MIDI sequencing. First thing we did was to digitally transfer the track from In-Sides to the Hard Disk. We then loaded it up into Soundforge and picked off 16bar loops, which we re-processed with Phaser/Flange/Wah-wah/ and loaded into Cubase Audio's sound pool. We had intended to use more of the original track however the original tempo (130bpm) seemed to drift about 6mins into the track, so we just used samples from the first 6mins. After building a basic arrangment we set about writing our remix on the seqencer, sussing out the chord progressions etc. Our 'extra' tracks were recorded and digitally mixed with the original Orbital samples and burned to CD. I also used Timestreching to slightly increase the tempo on another version of the track. The amazing thing was that original Orbital samples never left the digital domain !

Samples and Full Track  
Full Version
Track Sample
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