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Remix Competition - 2001

he 2001 Remix Competition was run in the year 2001 but didnt close until the very end of the year. 87 enteries created a nightmare for the Qualifying round judges. The idea was to have 10 finalist but it was decided to have 13 in the end!

We have all 13 remixes online for you to download and listen. A discussion forum has been set up for everyone to discuss the 2001 and past remix competitions. Please click here to view or contribute to the discussion.

We have a set of judges who will eventually decide on the winner. There is no set timescale for this announcement but we will inform everyone on the mailing list when we have the details.

The rules for the competition were as follows:-

Only one entry per person
No Megamix (The remix should be of one track only)
No Dj mixes
The remixer is responsible for creating their own samples and no samples will be issued to anyone

Thanx to all that entered the remix competitions. There are no plans to run any future competitions.

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