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INTERVIEWS - Loopz Interview - USA Tour - Minneapolis - 18th October 2001

Interview -
Steve Price (Loopz)
Location -
Dressing Room - The Quest - Minneapolis
Date / Time -
18th October 2001 - 5pm  

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Steve Price (the person behind Loopz) joined Orbital on their USA tour between Washington (10th October 2001) and Minneapolis (18th October 2001).

During the afternoon of the 18th - Steve filmed a short interview with Paul and Phil Hartnoll where they discussed the American tour, the DVD release, experimental music like Autechre, Afx Twin etc, the next album, the next single and the website.

Question 1
How does the American tour differ from the UK tour that you did in May ?
MPG - Answer
Question 2
Which gig has been your favourite on the USA tour ?
MPG - Answer
Question 3
What are your plans after the USA tour ?
MPG - Answer
Question 4
What is the latest on the Illuminate single ?
MPG - Answer
Question 5
What will be on the Best Of album ?
MPG - Answer
Question 6
The next studio album ?
MPG - Answer
Question 7
Hardware/Software influences ?
MPG - Answer
Question 8
What are your thoughts on the DVD release ?
MPG - Answer
Question 9
What are your views on the more experimental electronic artists/groups like Autechre, Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin
MPG - Answer
Question 10
Is there anything you want to mention on the website?
Is there anything you would like to be asked ?
*note* - there was a reason why they burst out laughing at this question but its too long to explain :)
MPG - Answer


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