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INTERVIEWS - Community Service Tour - Webchat with Paul Hartnoll - June 7th 1999
Interview : Ultimate Band List Moderator

An interview with Paul Hartnoll during the Community Service Tour of 1999. Questions submitted by fans via the chat board and email. Ken from Crystal Method was also involved in the online chat.

If there are any spelling mistakes or any other problems then please inform me via email.

UBL Moderator -- Welcome to the Crystal Method and Orbital chat!
UBL Moderator -- We have Ken in the chat room right now. Paul from Orbital will be here in a few minutes.
UBL Moderator -- How do you keep up with 15 gigs in 17 days in 15 cities? And is San Fran really your favorite place to perform?....

UBL Artist -- Ken: the past we've actually done tours where there's no day off, where the tour might have a day off here or there and we'd book ourselves individually in other cities and fill up those days off.
UBL Artist -- Ken
: It's not nearing as grueling for the band members as it is the crew. They are up earlier and later than the bands every night.

UBL Moderator
-- Paul from Orbital is now in the chat room!
UBL Moderator -- Have you guys ever experienced anything Paranormal?
UBL Artist -- Paul: Yes, we have. My parents used to run a pub in England that was a 16th century pub and I met some ghosts one night. There were two small medievel children

UBL Moderator
-- i just wanted to ask you,do you ever get scared when you are on stage in front of over 1,000 people or more? you guys rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UBL Artist -- Ken
: THank you. I have sort of purposely stayed out of bands for as long as I could because of my fear of being on stage. I carefully did that by getting into production and engineering and programming, but with this damn, crazy techno rave music, next thing I know, I was in a band. The very first show we played, my hands were visibly shaking on stage.

UBL Moderator
-- orbital- Isaw you at woodstock and was impressed with the video screen/propaganda boards you used. The images were startaling and i was rivited. Where do get your images how hard are they to put together? and will you be using them in Tulsa this sunday?
UBL Artist -- Paul
: Yes we are going to be using them in Tulsa. The images are all created by Giles Thacker. He's been doing that ever since we started and he's still with us now.

UBL Moderator
-- Hi I saw the concert in Rochester NY. You all were good. My question is do you ever want to go out into the audience and just stop what your doing and just dance with them? love you guys
UBL Artist -- Ken
: partner Scott has pretty regularly has gone out into the audience while still playing on this tour, but yes I'd love to.

UBL Moderator
-- This goes out to P & P of orbital. I went to the Cleveland show and of course, I was blown away. My question concerns your set list. Does it change much, and if so does it come down to dropping new samples or mixing up the order of the songs?
UBL Artist -- Paul
: We keep the same set list on every tour.
But the tracks do develop and change as we go along.
UBL Artist -- Ken
: Orbital is one of the most versitle live acts. They can change their whole set at anytime and it's amazing.

UBL Moderator
-- To the CRYSTAL METHOD... Your new album, which is hopefully due out soon, is one of the most awaited electronica albums ever. What do you think of the final project and do you feel that you have expanded away from the bass filled breakbeat style found on Vegas or kept close to it? By the way, the PITTSBURGH show ROCKED! Keep it up! Benjamin Maljevec
UBL Artist -- Ken
: Thank you! I think the new album will definitely expand and build on the previous, but at the same time it will still sound like The Crystal Method. It will be unrecognizable.

UBL Moderator
-- orbital you seemed happy with the show in philadelphia fromw what i saw, which city did you think was your best performance?
UBL Artist -- Paul: That would be like picking one of your children. New York was good, New York was punk rock.

UBL Moderator -- Ken
, what do you think about The Chemical Brothers?
UBL Artist -- Ken
: Our very first live show we ever did, January 1995 we opened for the famous Dust Brothers, soon to be retitled The Chemical Brothers and we like them. We like their records and we get along with them personally, but I think it's always an easy comparison for the print writers to compare the two of us and it goes with the territory.

UBL Moderator
-- Paul ... what annoys you about the music business and what would you change? - Steve Price (RISE!) :)
UBL Artist -- Paul: Well...Steve you should know better! UBL Artist -- Ken: The people that run the record companies sometimes unfortunately are business men, but the nature of this business is artists and artists aren't really concerned with the business, they only get screwed by it.

UBL Moderator -- for ken: how many new songs are you incorporating into your live show on this tour
UBL Artist -- Ken
: There's at least three things in the set that we don't think anyone's heard before and we're trying to work in two new brand new ones that definitely will be on the album. But it changes night to night.

UBL Moderator
-- orbital i was in a discussion board and people were saying they read in and interview that you werent happy with middle of nowhere, somehow i dont believe, can you put light to this rumor?
UBL Artist -- Paul
: It's a lie!!! I never said that! I wasn't happy with the record companies behavior with the way they released "Middle of Nowhere", but I was definitely happy with the album. UBL Moderator -- CM or O...any advice for those just starting out in the live performance/production of techno?
UBL Artist -- Ken
: Yes...don't play your dat. Try to simply just focus on the fact that it's supposed to be a LIVE performance and that should keep you on the right path. Don't just bring your mix on stage and don't just bring your studio on stage.
UBL Artist -- Paul
: Don't sit there and try to recreate what you've done in the studio.
UBL Artist -- Ken: Bands like Orbital and The Crystal Method make our records all by ourselves. We have and own and have created all of the sounds that make up our recordings, so um...there is sort of this thing that we're always deciding on, I don't know about Paul, but it's not like we've hired a drummer to make our drum sounds, it would obviously sound live, but since we actually do have the orginial samples and the original programs and patterns

UBL Moderator --
Paul, what do you think of the Spanish Festivals?
UBL Artist -- Paul
: The Spanish festivals...I've enjoyed all the gigs that we've done in Spain this year.

UBL Moderator
-- Paul - How does your fan base in the UK compare to the US in numbers? How bout enthusiasm? -Rich
UBL Artist -- Paul
: I find that the gigs in the UK and the gigs in the US are fairly similar. You get towns where you get more people in place and less people in places. There a more glow sticks in the US...there are no glue sticks in the UK.
UBL Artist -- Ken: of my favorite things in the States is playing smaller towns for the first time on a week night. Do you get that same rush?
UBL Artist -- Paul: Oh yeah, I think it's great. One of those times for me was when we played in the Grand Rapids in a small bar on a Sunday night. It was fantastic!

UBL Moderator
-- cm--I like what you did w/ trip hop on VEGAS, like high roller & the B side Keep trip hop you prefer dooin the slower trip hop or your hard breaks?
UBL Artist -- Ken: Um...when we released our very first single in the middle of '94, the A-side was an "Now's the Time" track and the B-side was a track called "Doublicious Groove". Scott and I have always been fans of Public Enemy and all kinds of hip-hop, but we've always tried to have a slower tempoed track on all of our singles. We've never tried to be trip-hop or break-beat, we just make music that sounds good to us. We don't try to make any specific genre of

UBL Moderator -- orbital and/or the crystal method-if for some strange reason you had a totally dead crowd out there (maybe they took a left at alberquerque and went to the wrong concert) what song would you say would light the crowd up, every time
UBL Artist -- Paul: Umm...I don't know. If it's a completely dead crowd, none of it would work, would it? Halcyon or Satan would work.

UBL Moderator -- to the crystal method how did you get your name
UBL Artist -- Ken
: A girl named Crystal in Vegas used to give Scott and I rides when we didn't have a car. We were working with a rapper who was asking us how we were getting to a club, and he said "oh, the Crystal methd" and at the time we needed a band name. We heard the drug reference and thought "golden", although we're still surprised that our records sell at Wal-Mart.

UBL Moderator -- ORBITAL - What are your plans for the turn of the century ?
UBL Artist -- Paul: I am going to go to bed early. I am so fed up with the year 2000, that I'm bored with the year 3000 already.

UBL Moderator -- this question is for Crystal Method and Orbital. How do you guys like touring with Lo Fidelity Allstars? What is your opinion of their music and how they go about their style. I was just at the Electric Factory show and you guys totally rocked!
UBL Artist -- Paul: I think they're a fantastic start to the evening. When I watched them from the crowd, which is quite often, I find their like a headlining act....hard and funky all at the same time.

UBL Moderator: Paul what's your favorite drink that you've discovered on this tour?
UBL Artist -- Paul: The flaming Dr. Pepper.

UBL Moderator -- ken, Where's Scott Kirkland right now?
UBL Artist -- Ken: Scott is fixing one of our blown up samplers/sequencers.
UBL Moderator -- Ken has to go now....
UBL Artist -- Ken: This tour has been fantastic! When we started to think about this tour, we thought we could never get a top British act to play a summer tour because they can make so much money on the festival circut in Europe, so when we heard that Orbital was on this tour, we were super-pysched.
UBL Moderator -- ken has to go on stage. He says goodbye to you all!

UBL Moderator -- paul what are your favorite electronic bands or other influential artists???
UBL Artist -- Paul: That changes all the time really. At the moment, I am in a sort of Scott Walker and Divine Comedy phase, with a bit of Danny Elfman thrown in. But from an electronic area, I've been listeing to Plaid and Andrea Parker.

UBL Moderator -- orbital--which record are you most proud of?
UBL Artist -- Paul: Umm...none in particular, but I'm happy with "Chime" because of the way that it turned out.

UBL Moderator -- Orbital: Who is Pooka and does she have any of her own albums?
UBL Artist -- Paul: It's two people..two girls. They have various albums in which I can't remember the names.

UBL Moderator -- paul-How do you feel about Underworld, do you compete with them much in the uK? -tripwire
UBL Artist -- Paul: No, we've known each other for years, we're friends.

UBL Moderator -- Paul, who does Orbital's marketing?
UBL Artist -- Paul: That would be London Records.

UBL Moderator
-- Orbital - what music do you listen to on tour ?
UBL Artist -- Paul: Um...Scott Walker. Danielle Dax. And not much else because I lost all of my CD's on the tour. And Negative Land as well.

UBL Moderator -- paul, are you the one that likes to dance all over the stage? i loved watching you get groovy whilst spinnin' the tunes. are you always so energetic, or is it just the music?
UBL Artist -- Paul: Um...I am not the one who jumps around all over the stage and I sometimes wish that Phil wouldn't jump around because he wobbles all the bits that I'm trying to push buttons on.

UBL Moderator
-- Paul, what does Pete Tong have to do with Orbital?
UBL Artist -- Paul
: He's our A&R manager in the UK. He's the person that signed us to FFRR.

UBL Moderator -- are you into the industrial scene at all (nin, pitchshifter) because i don't know you people reminded me of that. by the way the show in philly was the most awesome show i have ever seen!!
UBL Artist -- Paul: I used to be into the industrial scene around the late '80's, but I've been away from it for a number of years.

UBL Moderator -- to Orbital: can I find a recording of the Dr. Who theme you performed as an encore in Philadelphia, it was great!
UBL Artist -- Paul: Only if somebody boot-legged it.

UBL Moderator -- Paul, what is that voice at the end of The Box?
UBL Artist -- Paul: Voice at the end of the box is a crafty old question.

UBL Moderator -- Orbital - do you care about the mp3 scene and the hell it is raising in the music business, or do you think it will be something that blows over.
UBL Artist -- Paul: Um..I think anything that raises hell in the music industry is a good thing.

UBL Moderator -- paul, would you ever perform without pants on? -monz
UBL Artist -- Paul: I did the other night! I can't remember where it was, but it was so hot. If you mean pants in an English sense, but in an American sense, no way.

UBL Moderator -- Orbital: Do you plan on releasing a music video collection or live video?
UBL Artist -- Paul: No. Not yet.

UBL Moderator -- Paul has to go....he says GOOD BYE to everyone.
UBL Moderator -- Thanks to everyone who sent in such great questions.

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