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Contributor : Peter W Brennvik

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Phil and Paul Hartnoll collectively known as Orbital are one of the most highly respected bands from the UK. One of the factors contributing to their reputation is their outstanding live performances. Orbital's appearance at the 1994 Glastonbury Festival (on the same stage as Blur, Bjork, and Oasis) was voted the "Live Event of the Year" in the NME (new Musical Express). Asked back onto the main Pyramid stage in 1995, Orbital triumphed again, this time in front of more than 60,000 people, as well as being the highlighted act at Tribal Gathering, where the crowd averages close to 70,000. The other contributing factor, is the final outcome of their constant work in the studio. On June 4, 1996, Orbital released their latest album, In Sides. Consisting of six unrelated sound scenarios (there is no singular theme linking the tracks) this, their fourth album is the sum of its own disparate parts, displaying a more confident and focused approach, often resulting in cinematic atmospheres while still retaining a highly danceable perspective.

The first 30,000 copies of the American release included a special bonus CD which features Time Flys, a four track EP that was initially released in August 1995 in the UK and Europe. At over 25 minutes in length it is joined on the same disk by the brilliantly stunning new and four part single, The Box, an homage to 1960s soundtracks. Hear what NME calls "unshakably cool" and "a slightly unorthodox duo whose unorthodox methods triumph in an Edge of Darkness type technological adventure."

Whereas 1994's Snivelisation (which went straight into the national Charts) had an observational element to it,In Sides, (presales have already tripled that of Snivelisation) is to a certain degree more personal and inward looking than its predecessor. All six songs reflect experience of Orbital's personal lives and beliefs. Mix Mag says "Orbital have turned the easy access euphoria of dance music into something even deeper and darker. Six years ago, no one thought dance music was capable of creating dark soundtracks for the state of the world, for friends who passed away, pollution, spiritual crisis, civil war." All of these topics are reflected on In Sides.

A few comments to take note of: The Girl With the Sun In Her Head, was recorded with the aid of Cyrus, the Greenpeace Mobile generator; and like most lushful Orbital tracks, continues to build in a delicate and intricate manner, and sets Orbital once again into an unassuming and stunning direction. Dwr Budr is Welsh for Dirty Water. Vocals on the album are supplied by the mysterious Aunty.Orbital revolutionizes people's expectations of live electronic music. On stage, their acute senses if musical dynamics ensure the live performance avoids rock and dance cliches. Every aspect of their show retains the capacity for spontaneity. Even the stunning multi-screen videos are mixed live to compliment the twists and turns of the unique, radical re-workings of pieces generated in the studio. Orbital performed their all-new live show in most major US markets in June and July. Their prior US appearance was at Woodstock, while the time spent in between was spent doing a remix of Madonna's Bedtime Stories, and recording a new track for the Sony game Wipe Out.

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