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INTERVIEWS - NME - Webchat with Paul Hartnoll - 29th June 1999
Interview : NME asking users questions

An interview with Paul Hartnoll on the NME website just after the Glastonbury 1999 performance. Questions submitted by fans via the chat board.

If there are any spelling mistakes or any other problems then please inform me via email.

[16:35:49] Kizza - Did you enjoy Glastonbury?
Orbital was pretty scary but very enjoyable

[16:36:09] Karl - How long will it be until you retire?
Orbital When I die

[16:36:35] an fhomhair - is there going to be a yiddish version of 'autumn'....??!! why not - you've done irish and spanish!!
Orbital Well, who;ve sown the seed

[16:37:32] Gruntman - What's this thing that you're doing at Edinburgh castle then?
Orbital It's a big gig just below the castle outside...still soirting out who else is going to play...could involve bagpipes, or lots of different things

[16:38:12] AX321 - Hello Paul, greetings from fans in Vilnus the capital of Lithuani. My question is will you perhaps soon visit Lithuania and play here?
Orbital Not as far as I's all down to whetrher we get invited to places

[16:39:12] Benny - Have you ever thought about getting an official website done, with news, merchandise, downloads and Orbital music mixing games?
Orbital Well, there's loopz site, which is about as official as it gets annd it has aplenty of the things you ask for there.

[16:39:30] slut bank - did you appreciate REM using ARPs on new adventures?
Orbital I had no idea that they did

[16:40:15] Benjamin - Did you know whilst you were playing at Glastonbury that the sound quality was so bad?
Orbital It depended where you were standing, but Fests in this country can be pretty riubbish for sound due tro sound restrictiuons

[16:40:29] John Forefield - Any plans to do the Royal Albert Hall again?
Orbital No

[16:40:53] Stef - What piece of fruit would you have thrown at Keanu Reeves?
Orbital Star fruit

[16:41:13] Manders - What's your favourite piece of equipment that you use on stage?
Orbital Benson And Hedges

[16:42:26] Andy Clayton - Where do you see yourself and orbital in twenty years time ? By the way - do a remix package of chime for the punters !
Orbital There were quite a few in the past...I suppose in 20 years time I'll be doing film soundtracks...hopefully

[16:43:05] Ant - Did you put the cow on stage that I saw someone give you at the signing tent at Glaso?
Orbital We certainly did...right in the middle of the mixing desk...and it'll remain for the American tour as well

[16:43:25] Stef - What do you think of Cornelius who played with you at the Queen Elizabeth hall a few months back?
Orbital I enjoyed it...a good laugh

[16:44:13] Rob - Do you plan to do a US tour all by yourself in the future?
Orbital All by ourselves? Without support? What do you mean?

[16:45:18] Mark - Great gig at glastonbury Paul. Where you annoyed by all the distrations ? That boat was a bit out of order.
Orbital I missed the boat (ooooh-Ed) The monitors didn't work for the first 3 tracsk, but we got over that pretty quickly.

[16:45:35] Manders - What does your other brother do?
Orbital Dr Gary Hartnoll, BA, MD

[16:45:52] bob - where is the most unusual place you have had a wank, and didl you use the experience creatively?
Orbital Prat

[16:46:24] Peter - Hows the guitar playing going? will it affect future directions for you?
Orbital It's going badly but I enjoy it all the same.. I did play the guitar on New Style

[16:47:13] Jimbo - Do you prefer the single or album version of The Box? I thought the single (with that mad medieval sounding breakdown bit was fantastic) - should have been on the album
Orbital I like them both...couldn't pick a'd be like picking one of yer children

[16:47:23] SaucyJack - Have you heard the Pepe deluxe album ?
Orbital No

[16:47:47] Stef - Was the CYRUS trailer at Glastonbury the same one that you used for The Girl With The Sun In Her Head?
Orbital I believe so, yes.

[16:48:10] Mark - I'd love to hear a collaboration between Orbital & Mike Paradinas ... could that ever happen?
Orbital It plans for it.

[16:49:12] oliver - are you excited about the community srevice tour and what will you be playing? any old stuff as well as the new stuff? and will you do the two new songs that you've been reported to have recorded?
Orbital No to 2 new songs (not finished yet)...yes, I'm excited about the tour...pplaying, well you'll just have to wait and see

[16:49:55] Jimbo - My ex-flatmate wrote to you many years ago asking for advice about equipment etc... Your (9 page handwritten) reply was very touching and I would just like to thank you on his behalf and several years later!
Orbital Did he| (or her) find it useful?

[16:50:14] Frank Syntax - what do you think of The Beta Band?
Orbital Haven't really heard them but hear lots of good things

[16:50:54] Ant - What was the last record you bought, and was it any good?
Orbital I buy thousands all the was good but I can't remember what it was.

[16:51:13] Jimbo - Very. Although I suspect you were the worse for wear when you wrote it!
Orbital Thanks a lot

[16:51:44] Peter Andre - Would you consider the improvised guitar of Derek Bailey as any sort of an influence?
Orbital No, because I have no idea who Derek Bailey is or his improvised guitar

[16:52:08] SaucyJack - do you think Gay Dad should be shot ?
Orbital No

[16:52:50] Ant - What's your standpoint on glow-sticks?
Orbital Sort of waving them about furiously...particularly enjoy biting the end off and sprauying it around the room

[16:53:29] Jimbo - Having now brown-nosed you (genuinely mind), is there any chance at all of doing a small interview for my website? You know, if I contact you some time after this (maybe when you get back from the States). Oh please, be your best mate, invite you to my party ....
Orbital Maybe, yeah. talk to Steve Price

[16:53:57] slut bank - do you tinker on computers when you'rre not working? In a room filled with circuit boards and soldering irons?
Orbital No, but I play computer games...taht's about it

[16:54:15] Manders - Did you get a chance to see the rocking Corrs set?
Orbital No, only on the telly

[16:54:57] Frank Syntax - Blur. good, or not good?
Orbital Not bad at all actually, I enjouyed their new album. Only heard it once but it sounded good.

[16:55:30] frank - do you remember that old rave band n-joi? did you like them?
Orbital Yes I do remember them and I liked bits of them...Adrenaline was the track I liked.

[16:55:44] Dildonics - Where do you buy your pants?
Orbital America

[16:56:17] Jimbo - Last question. Steve Price. Who he?
Orbital He runs Loopz (address at the end-ed)

[16:56:34] Steinski's lesson3 - Playstation or N64 ?
Orbital Playstation

[16:57:03] Manders / Ant / Stef - As 3 Orbital fans in the New Media business, can we design you an official website (for free) that's better than the LOOPZ one?
Orbital No

[16:58:06] martin hemming - Who makes/designs your trendy glasses/torches headgear, and are they a neccessity or just a fashion statement?
Orbital They're born from necessity but have become what they've become...we customised thjem ourselves cos the originals kept breaking

[16:58:32] frank - i've seen the future! any chance of an orbital GREATEST HITS collection
Orbital Maybe..we keep talking about it. Probably live.

[16:58:52] jane - have you ever been arrested and if so for what??
Orbital No. I got away.

[16:59:45] Stooshey - i've been a satanic speed freak since 91. keep up the sounds. do you know where and when you are playing the edinburgh flux festival?
Orbital If that's the Castle thing, it's Friday 13th of August

[17:00:15] Nicolas - If I was to book Orbital for a concert for my wedding, how much would I be looking to pay ?
Orbital Speak to my agent

[17:00:37] Violet - Who designs the visual side of your live events?
Orbital Giles Thacker

[17:01:13] wiseblood - John Barry or Bernard Herrmann?
Orbital Ennio Morricone

[17:02:36] Richard Burke - Digital/Electronic dance music is on the way out, what are you going to do next?
Orbital Bollocks to that..we don't do dance music, we do electronic music. I do what I want.

[17:03:03] Seano - As an Orbital fan in the wicker business, can i design you a new magazine rack?
Orbital Yes if it's free

[17:04:31] Mark - Why did you put exclusive tracks (format wise) on the first 2 albums but not the rest?
Orbital Good question...I can reember putting stuff on the first album but the 2nd album I can't remember anything on the second. Probably because it's politer to fans NOT to do that so that they don't have to go out and buy three albums.

[17:05:16] Afterglow - Are you planning to do collaboration with a Lad band singer soon?
Orbital No...leverytime someone says something like that I think about doing it

[17:05:50] wiseblood - Did you ever like 'industrial' electronic stuff like TG or Cabaret Voltare? I liked Yashar...
Orbital Yeah, Cabaret Voltaire, Severed Heads were my favourite

[17:06:24] The Bald Eagle - I am a fellow bald eagle. How do you stand on syrup of figs (wigs)?
Orbital They're good fun...they frighten babies...but I wouldn't havce 1 in the house

[17:06:47] dog - Have ya got any pets??
Orbital No, but I have amouse that lives on the roof that's a bit like a pet

[17:07:15] Stef - Have you got a personal favourite Orbital track?
Orbital Maybe Chime...jsut because of the sentiment

[17:07:45] posie - do ya evva use live drummers in the studio??
Orbital Yeah, the last two albums

[17:08:04] tom - if there's one movie that you wish you could have done the soundtrack for..what is it?
Orbital Brazil

[17:08:18] slut bank - how big's your telly?
Orbital Not big enough

[17:08:32] weetos - do you normally use the net often?
Orbital Not really

[17:10:06] Mark - Who's idea was the halcyon video? It's completely off it's head. Brilliant.
Orbital That was sort really and a couple of friends

[17:14:47] Gunter - Hey ho! Any chance of a live album? Oh, go on.
Orbital maybe

[17:15:26] Danny - As an ex-Sevenoaks boy, what's your favourite pub down there?
Orbital So many to choose from...The Crown in Otford

[17:16:05] oliver - is there a chance you might tour w/ underwolrd as well?
Orbital We talk about it but we nebver get it together...we're only playing together at Homelands in Dublin

[17:17:05] Afterglow - What keyboard did you first start with? Have you a soft spot for old technology?
Orbital Korg Poly 800

[17:18:01] Seano - Are you looking forward to the new Leftfield Album, and what do you think of the new single?
Orbital I am looking forward to it...I've only heard the music in the Guiness advert which was brilliant...really simple but that bassline got mne going

[17:18:47] Matt - Will you be doing "Dr. Who" during the U.S. tour? (looking forward to seeing you in Chicago, Atlanta, and New Orleans)
Orbital Maybe...why spoil you want to know the ending of the Star Wars film as well?

[17:19:07] Jimbo - Speaking of pubs, do you still use the Prince George in Dalston?
Orbital Not very often but it's a very good pub

[17:19:50] Danny - If you did a TV ad soundtrack, what would be the one product you'd like to advertise most?
Orbital Orbital!

[17:20:14] Gray - Were you gutted when you lost a load of data before the Steve Lamaq show?
Orbital What do you think?

[17:20:47] tony - who do you rate on the live circuit these days
Orbital Stereolab, Underworld, Lamb, Plaid, John Barry

[17:21:32] Matt - Any chance of releasing some of the early 12" or "The Visit" on CD?
Orbital The Visit probably not...the early 12s...well, if you do an NME chat with Pete Tong ask him

[17:21:50] Rich and Ray say: - Do you rate the new Plaid album?
Orbital Yeah, it's great

[17:22:19] Pazzywazzy - What do you think about Ashley and Maxine getting married?
Orbital Something will go wrong, I'm convinced of it. His voice will break or something.

[17:23:12] Foe - Do you find Zoe Ball attractive?
Orbital Erm...I used to. I think.

[17:23:55] Goddess - I saw you taking a photo of the crowd at Glasto on Saturday night. Do you do that at all shows or just your faves and what do you do with the pics?
Orbital I do it if I remember...depends if I got aa camera. I show the pics to my mum.

[17:24:18] LUCA from Italy - do you like anything from the italian dance scene?
Orbital Don't know anything currently

[17:24:43] Rich and Ray say: - Why do you chaps never play Belfast live?
Orbital We have done in the past...we can't play them all

[17:25:09] Gray - Would you ever do a live gig over the internet?
Orbital We have done

[17:25:34] slut bank - can either of of you dance?
Orbital Like John Travolta

[17:30:29] NME.COM - That's it...Paul is off but check back later for details on howe to win signed copies of 'Nothing Left'
Orbital Bye

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