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Pay Per View - DVD - Seperate Surreal Adverts Mpgs - May 2001

Directed by Grant Fulton - these adverts will feature as part of the Pay Per View video on "The Altogether" DVD album and will also be available as an extra feature as individual items.

Grant Fulton directed the track “Pay Per View” which was post-produced at Resolution.

He said: “Although Phil and Paul had early input, each director had complete autonomy and freedom to make a film to go with their chosen track.

“There are no links between the films as far as I know – in fact, I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing to find out what everyone else has come up with. “

It was an incredibly liberating experience, with no restrictions imposed at all and nothing but the quality of the work being judged.”

Grant continued: “It’s been a real collaborative effort too – companies like Resolution have helped enormously.”

Pay Per View, the story of a young man waiting in a hotel room for a call girl, was produced within 3 months.

Pre-production began in December and then a series of surreal advertisements was shot and edited. The adverts appear briefly on the TV in the hotel room, so they had to be completed before the main story.

The full adverts will also be available as an extra feature on the DVD. Finally the body of the story, with the ads appearing on the television, was shot and the whole film completed.

Resolution was a natural choice in Grant’s mind for the post-production. He had worked previously with Dan Gable, dubbing mixer for the audio department Resound; and Grant was also a director on Big Brother which brought him into contact with many others in the Resolution team.

Grant said: “My experience working with Resolution on this promo was wonderful. Their editors are very intuitive, they really understood the concept of what I was trying to do, both with the main story and also with the ads.”

Dan Gable of Resound was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to work with the 5.1 surround technology.

He said: “This was the first job we’d done in 5.1 and I was very pleased with the results. It was nice to know how well the audio suite handled it and how good it sounded working in there.

“I found it a really fun project to work on, not only because the material was funny, but because there was so much scope to play around. I’d definitely like to do more work in 5.1 - you can do so much more with the sound effects and the incidental music.”

On the visual side, the advertisements in particular provided an opportunity for Robin Doelly, Resolution’s online editor and compositor, to show the capabilities of Avid|DS.

“I’d worked with DS before on a project in Italy,” Grant remembered, “but, probably due to the language barrier on that project, I never really understood what it was capable of.

“With this promo, specifically on our deliberately cheesy and surreal ads, Robin really pulled out the stops and made them look better than I ever thought they would.

“My personal favourite is “Nine Bob Notes” [a commercial for a folk-music album, sung by nine men called Bob – all played by the same actor]. It was only a 2 hour shoot, and the actor, Jason Milligan, had to play 9 characters against a tiny blue screen.

“The reasons it looks so good are Jason’s talents, the wardrobe and makeup department who transformed him 9 times in 2 hours, and Robin’s compositing skills with the DS. In fact, the keying and compositing on the whole job were fantastic.”

“Pay Per View” credits:
Director: Grant Fulton
Producer: Jo Wiser
Production Company: Malarkey
Resolution editors: Richard Long (offline), Robin Doelly (compositing/online), Jamie Armstrong (grading), Dan Gable & Luke Tennant (audio dubbing)

*WARNING* the content of the MPGs may offend
Download Nine Bob Notes (2.6 Meg) - MPG
Download Treadmill Work Flakes (1.4 Meg) - MPG
Download Chi Wah Wah (1.2 Meg) - MPG
Download Lab Chat (1.5 Meg) - MPG
Download A Tone-A-Phone (1.2 Meg) - MPG
Download Manwich (1.1 Meg) - MPG
Download Pearly Urchins (1.5 Meg) - MPG
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