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Are We Here ?
Funny Break (One is Enough)
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One Perfect Sunrise
Impact (The Earth is Burning) (Live at Glastonbury 1994)
Satan (Live at Ibiza 1999)
Dr Who (Live at The Flux Festival 1999)
Impact (Live at Athens - Greece 2000)
Chime (Live at Dance Valley in Holland - 4th August 2001)
Live at the Warfield in San Francisco - 24th October 2001
Cream 2000
Satan (Live on Jools Holland)
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The Shape of Things That Hum
Style Bug
Style Woman
Style Old Man
Style Old Man
Lush - Official Video

Directed and Produced by Rob Shackleton. A warm and sunny day at a typical English car boot sale.

here are two MPGs - both slightly different quality rate. If you have a good connection then i would recommend you download the high rate version now.

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