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STYLE - Official Video
A 21 day shoot, averaging only 12 seconds a day. Two weeks in Post Production, five full sized sets in freezing East End factories, four different animatronic models of a strange green beetle. Classical actors spending hours on each shot. All this to provide visual accompaniment to a beautifully simple 4 minute track composed on a Stylophone by Orbital.
Style follows the fascinating journey of a beetle through the labyrinthine interior of an apartment block where he meets the bizarre inhabitants. The story is by Director Luke Losey, with nods to middle European cinema, Bagpuss, the novels of George Perec and Franz Kafka and the films of Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick and Nic Roeg. The promo stars top Welsh thespian Sian Phillips playing a character who tries to squash our beetle hero with a rolled up newspaper. Sian found she had to act at one-twelfth normal speed to get the effect Luke wanted. Style also features the slow motion acting talents of veteran Shakespearean actor Leader Hawkins playing the Old Sea Dog, Nicole Belcher as the Tricycle Girl and Lucy Benson playing the Prune Lady.
Co-Director Jonathon Charles took responsibility for the animation. Jonathon says "Style gave me the opportunity to experiment with the combination of ideas. We used elements of traditional stop frame animation with live action, pixilated human actors, puppeteering and special effects to achieve a seamless film". Jonathon's previous work for his production company D Fie Foe include commercials for Wotsits and Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles and the Orbital promo for "The Saint".
The filming technique relied heavily on the expertise of Cinematographer Jonathon Collinson Bloom, who has worked on short films with the renowned Brothers Quay and adverts for Nikon among others. Style was made using a new piece of camera technology which adapts an Arri 435 movie camera allowing the shutter speeds to be programmed and varied from stop frame to 300 frames per second. The camera was a prototype flown over from Canada by Joe Dunton at JDC specifically for this project.
Designer Doriegen Hammond spent several days at the V&A and Natural History Museums researching the beetle. Having created the design she then worked closely with model maker, Paul Jomain to construct the four beetle models (called inevitably John, Paul, George and Ringo). The beetles are different sizes and each functions in a different way for different shots. Tim Sykes designed the life sized sets and stocked them with the most outlandish props. Jes Benstock the editor at Technobabble had the tricky task of matching the different beetles in the Avid.
All the Post Production was handled by Soho 601, supervised by Post Producer, Dougal Glanville. Martin Goodwin piloted the Henry and looked after the online. Advice and help was offered by these two during their regular set visits, which made the final composite much more achievable. The promo was graded shot by shot by colourists Andrew Clarkson and David Hughes.
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