Ist Sep - South Africa
2nd Sep - South Africa
8th Sep - Electron Festival - Salonica - Greece
9th Sep - Electron Festival - Ex-American base, Ellinikon, Leoforos Vouliagmenis - Athens - Greece
26th Oct - Q Awards Showcase - Hammersmith Pally - London - England
28th Oct - The Point - Dublin - Ireland
24th Nov - Osaka - Japan
26th Nov - Tokyo - Japan
31st Dec - London - England
TOURS - 09th September - Electron Festival - Ex-American base - Ellinikon - Leoforos Vouliagmenis - Athens - Greece

All Photos and Animations - Loopz
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Set List - Loopz
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Big Thanx to Minas and his friends (Minas, Natassa, Panayiotis & George) for making me feel so welcome in their home town. Hi to Manolis (festival organiser), Brian (Dublin) & Sandra , Eleana and Alexander (Greece), Deekay and Andrej (Germany) who were all part of the first organised Loopz gig meetup!

Mickey Mann - Orbital Producer and Sound Engineer

George, Minas (with Loopz T-shirt) & Natassa before the gig.

Pre-Gig lighting arrangements in backstage area - Phil Hartnoll, Mickey Mann (with duct tape on head!) and laughing Johnny Gaskil

Satan Live at Athens, Greece
Loopz Visitors Meetup I at Athens

Backstage Paul & Phil Hartnoll, Brian, Sandra, Andrej and Steve :)

Set List
- (intro - Clockwork Orange), Way Out, Spare Parts Express, Impact (The Earth is Burning) Part 2 then Part 1, Know Where To Run, Halcyon (with Belinda Carlisle and Bon Jovi samples), The Box, Nothing Left (new mix), Style/Bigpipe Style, Satan, Doctor Who and Chime.
Satan Live at Athens, Greece
Satan - Live At Athens, Greece.
Satan Live at Athens, Greece
Nothing Left - Live At Athens, Greece.
Satan Live at Athens, Greece
Satan - Live At Athens, Greece.
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